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The Art of Online Scamming. What you need to know for protecting yourself and friends!

The Art of Online Scamming.  What you need to know for protecting yourself and friends!

Author: Aaron L Meileiac 

Let's all face it here, we are currently in the Age of Information and online scamming is at its prime.  In early years the "caliber" of scamming was minute and lackluster in creativity.  Some of the older scams that were trendy were as such:

Old School Scams that we fell for:

Winners International Sweepstakes

 refund scam 

And let's just face it the list does in-fact go on and on.

New School Scams that we should not fall for:

It's rare that any technician from a PC manufacturer or tech support company would cold call non-client computer users and tell them that there's an immediate threat to their computers and that the company needs remote access to fix the problem. Yet, many people fall for this scam.

Operating usually out of India, scammers call victims and allege that they're with a big name tech company. Victims are told that their computers are either already infected or about to become infected with malware that can cause significant damage, such as operating system corruption or identity theft. The “technicians” then urge users to allow them to have remote access to troubleshoot and fix related issues. 

Scammers use these opportunities to infect systems with malware or perform other damage; or send users to third-party websites that cause damage. All of these actions are focused on the singular goal of giving scammers access to computers so they can cause errors and then charge for unnecessary repair services.
We have added Tech support Scams in the New School Scams criteria for the fact we are still falling for it.  This is why its listed as number #1.  -Meileiac 

#2. Fake/Counterfeit Merchandise Scams

#4. Grant Scams

Representatives of the United States government don't call American citizens with offers to sell them grant money. 

Operating usually out of India and Pakistan, scammers who deal in selling grants purchase consumer information from legitimate companies that run payday loan affiliate websites. The companies usually have no idea that they're dealing with scammers. Instead, they believe that the scammers can offer some of their payday loan applicants financial assistance. 

Scammers also acquire consumer personal details from unsuspecting advertising agencies who run lead generation campaigns targeting consumers in need of loans. The scammers then contact the people from these lists and claim they represent the United States government. They advise victims that they can provide access to grant money for a "processing fee". As with the Pets-for-Sale scenarios, scammers require victims to pay via non-returnable payment methods that act like cash.
The processing fee is merely the beginning of the crime. Grant scam artists then use the banking information of their victims to gain access to additional funds or sell the information to the highest bidder on the black market.

Personal data, including social security numbers and residential addresses of over 100 million consumers has been stolen this year in the United States alone. 

Scammers trade information through black markets to use in future identity theft operations.

#11. Fraudulent/Fake Check Scams

One of the most popular scams involves scammers convincing unwitting victims to accept fraudulent/fake checks.

Victims with banks accounts in the United States receive checks for whatever reason at much higher amounts than expected. Scammers then use a variety of creative, clever stories to explain any compensation discrepancies and convince victim to send back overpayment via cash-like payment methods or wire transfer. 

When these checks bounce, the victim discover that they have been fleeced. Over the years, this scam has been used with a variety of consumer actions, including purchase of vehicles and renting property.

#12 Money Laundering Scams

If you are approached with this scam, you will be asked to transfer money for somebody using your own bank account or a bank account that you set up for this purpose. 

The approach could come in a number of ways—by a letter similar to the Nigerian scams, by an offer that sounds like a work from home opportunity or in any other way which means you have to hand over bank account details to a stranger. 

The scams often offer you a commission simply for receiving money into your bank account and then transferring it out again. The commission can be as high as 15 per cent or more of the amount transferred.

"Money laundering has now reached a new peak.  The degree of who these criminal individuals will portray there self as has went very far indeed.  In recent experience there was a individual who tried this with me. I would like to share it as a example of what not to fall for no matter who they claim to be, this case the individual claimed to be a "General".  This was his "Pitch"- Meileiac
Propaganda 1                                                                            Propaganda2


"For some of us that have recently come to the Age of Information.  Let us beware that some un-thoughtful ones have been in the Age of Information every age.  If our best "Intent" was held in "interest" we would not be dealing with these current circumstances on ship "Earth".  

Keep your senses about you and always ask what is the true "Intent" when dealing with a unexpected contact from a so called person here to "Help".  - Meileiac

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  1. what is your opinion of the qeg that borrowed from the exact same scam that witts used?
    what is your opinion on the qeg marketers for creating a direct link to your the-art-of-online-scamming-what-you-need-to-know webpage?
    have you ever been associated with the qeg in any way by helping them?
    if so, why, and do you still as of now feel they are being honest and transparent, or are they a scam in your eyes?

  2. hi, looking forward to reading your article update that you mentioned to me in email communications in reguards to the qeg scam. they also make a claim that you are actually their friend, unbelieveable isn't it?

    heres a copy and paste from hopegirls scam site over at her and the qeg teams main website.
    i only grabbed the title of the article just to point out her claim of being your friend.

    The Art of Online Scamming. What you need to know for protecting yourself and friends!
    hopegirl2012 / 1 week ago

    From our Friends over at Manifest Destiny Triforce

    Author: Aaron L Meileiac

    1. something to consider also, the longer it takes for you to write the update addon to your article thats being linked from their site to your site, the more income from scammed donations will no doubt be donated to those scammers.
      so, please ramp up the effort on this one in the name of honesty to help also boost your integrity so other readers who click on and read your article from the scammers link will know the truth about the qeg organizers trying to be clever enough to scam decent people.
      time is of the essence when dealing with such fundraising scams that rely on donations based on a time limited crowdfunding campaign, or series of campaigns that the qeg is running presently with different crowdfunding websites.

      all the best

  3. Notice to MDT users and viewers. When a scammer sees a good article they will post content in the message box trying to argue. This is good for two reasons. 1. Free bumping of a post gives more reach. 2. when trying to protect there own hide they will call out somebody even tho they know nothing about the site they are commenting about. If it goes against there belief, they will attack. These two are great examples of this pattern. Neither ever showed up on a MDT blog on any network but soon as this article was done here they are? Beckoning is the first sign of a scammer, you two have been caught. Cheers


  4. “Simon is in breech of his commercial contract with us and has taken to the internet and not the processes in place in the UK to address his commercial agreement in place to attempt to cause monitory damages and disrepute to our company and directors to personally excite false claims and mislead honest people and others to do the same.” For More Details Visit: -


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