Monday, February 27, 2017

SHOCKING: It’s Happening — Fmr Federal Reserve Head Just Admitted Ron Paul was Right About the Economy

Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Many have cried for a return to so-called sound money, often in the form of gold. But if one looks back in history, there have been many "switches" to gold, heralded as the savior of civilization at the time but in reality ushered in a greater level of economic depression. In short, the Cabal has been playing games with money for almost all of human history—should we expect anything different now?

Bill Still is a researcher who produced several documentaries revealing this essential history of money. In short, the money masters of this world employ fiat- and asset-backed currencies in a manipulative capacity, pitting one against the other when it suits them. In effect, moving to one standard over another is a ruse, a bait and switch. In the end, whether or not people use fiat money, gold money, or silver money doesn't matter—as long as the people remain ignorant and the bankers control the issuance of credit, the bankers win.

Given that plutocrats and oligarchs have used economic warfare to further their ends, the latest push to get away from fiat money in favor of gold money may be the next phase of the new world order implementation. The powers that be have been planning a reset for years, but the question is, will this help or hurt the people of Earth?

I would suggest that whether we choose gold-based money or fiat-based money isn't as important as our dedication to keeping it honest. 

The problem is most people don't understand what money is, where it comes from, and how it can be used beneficially. As such, until ignorance has been dispelled, and we take up our charge to act as custodians over our economic systems, devious people will continue to twist reality to suit their own ends. 
- Justin

Source - The Free Thought Project

by Jack Burns, February 22nd, 2017

Former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, is a villain to some and a brilliant economist to others. Greenspan has often been blamed for the housing bubble of 2008 which burst, causing the greatest economic recession since the 1920’s. In a question and answer interview published in the February issue of the World Gold Council’s Gold Investor, Greenspan opined about the importance of gold as the world’s only real economic standard and admitted Ron Paul had been right all along.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Source: Collective Evolution

Can we ever believe what our government tells us about airport security devices?

Apparently not. First they told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe.

Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the safety tests turned out to be totally rigged, as reported by Natural News.

With fabricated results, the technology was quickly rushed into every airport worldwide. No one listened to what the scientists in the field of radiation were trying to tell them – it’s not safe.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


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We are having a Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th, 2017 at 2:58pm Universal Time. While it will only be visible in parts of South America and Africa, as with every eclipse, the astrological significance will still affect the whole planet.

This is an annular eclipse, which is when the Sun is almost completely blocked from the Moon except for the outer edges. This is because the Moon is near its apogee, which is its furthest distance from the Earth. This type of eclipse is also referred to as a ‘ring of fire,’ thanks to its unique appearance.

We also had a Lunar Eclipse in Leo a few weeks ago. Eclipse season, which occurs every six months, is a significant period of transitions that can start up to six weeks before eclipses begin and play out over the following months. However, this eclipse window is particularly transitional because we are shifting away from two years of Virgo-Pisces eclipses and into Leo-Aquarius ones.

Venus is slowing down to go retrograde on March 4th. Any changes or developments we have had since January 30th regarding love, relationships, pleasure, money, value(s), beauty/aesthetics, or art, will face a reflective and/or a reconsideration/adjusting phase over the next six to eight weeks. (Note: Join my mailing list here to be notified when that article will be published.)

Solar Eclipse in Pisces Conjunct Neptune

Monday, February 20, 2017


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In school, we are taught some basic things that never seem to change, like the fact that one plus one equals two, there are five (or is it six?) vowels in the English language, and there are seven continents on Planet Earth.

But the last of those examples is getting a major makeover thanks to a team of 11 researchers who found that Earth has a concealed continent called “Zealandia” that’s hidden in the Pacific Ocean and attached to New Zealand.

The newly published research concluded that New Zealand and New Caledonia are actually part of a huge 4.9 million sq km (1.89 million square-mile) single slab of continental crust that is unhinged from Australia.

Published by the Geological Society of America, the study discovered that the region is 94% submerged, mostly due to crustal thinning before the supercontinental break-up. For their findings, the team used upgraded satellite-based elevation and gravity map technology.
“The scientific value of classifying Zealandia as a continent is much more than just an extra name on a list,” the scientists explained. “That a continent can be so submerged yet unfragmented makes it a useful and thought-provoking geodynamic end member in exploring the cohesion and breakup of continental crust.”

Sunday, February 19, 2017


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Below is a statement from Chief Looking Horse, delivered in his native Lakota language, at the United Nations Tillman Chapel. It is the embodiment of a confluence of prophecies that speak to the necessity of activating a new level of consciousness for the benefit of humanity and the Earth. Although their statement illuminates the nuclear crisis at Fukushima, the fundamental message is for humanity to spiritually awaken to protect and restore the sacred.

“We are a part of Creation; thus, if we break the Laws of Creation, we destroy ourselves. We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, have no choice but to follow and uphold the Original Instructions, which sustains the continuity of Life. We recognize our umbilical connection to Mother Earth and understand that she is the source of life, not a resource to be exploited. We speak on behalf of all Creation today, to communicate an urgent message that man has gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you have created. That day is here. Not heeding warnings from both Nature and the People of the Earth keeps us on the path of self destruction. This self destructive path has led to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Gulf oil spill, tar sands devastation, pipeline failures, impacts of carbon dioxide emissions and the destruction of ground water through hydraulic fracking, just to name a few. In addition, these activities and development continue to cause the deterioration and destruction of sacred places and sacred waters that are vital for Life.” (source)

What does this have to do with Native North Americans and supposed extraterrestrials? I will explain.  Many are coming forward to share their stories that have been passed down generations, and one of them is Zuni Elder Clifford Mahooty, a retired civil/environmental engineer (BSCE-NMSU-1969). He has worked on many programs within environmental justice for Indian tribes, and tribal housing projects in the USPHS as a commissioned officer in water, waste water, and EPA enforcement in environmental compliance. Mahooty is active in the Zuni orders of the Kachina, Galaxy Medicine Society, and Sun Clan leadership, and is a wisdom keeper of Zuni history.

According to Mahooty, our relationship to the “star people” is spiritual, and directly connected with the caretaking of our planet:

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Source: Collective Evolution

“Genetically modified humans” sounds like a term that belongs in Hollywood, but it’s actually a very real possibility, and one that’s being heavily discussed in the scientific community. Contributing to one of the most controversial topics to date, a panel of science experts in the U.S. just examined and gave their support for germline editing. This means that in the future, parents will likely be able to tamper with the genetics of their children pre-birth.

Germinal choice technology refers to reprogenetic technologies that enable parents to alter the genetic constitutions of their children. One of the ways this can be done is through germline editing, which is a fancier term for human genetic engineering. Germline editing alters the genes of a sperm or an egg, but it then changes the future DNA of every single cell in the embryo. This means that the genetic changes made to the embryos will then affect all future generations within that family lineage.

Germline Editing Will Likely Be an Option in the Future

The panels were made up of experts from two of the most prestigious scientific institutions in the U.S., both of which recommended that germline editing be viewed as a serious option in the future and not be prohibited outright (source).


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Often thought of as useless hunks of rock or ice floating around space, asteroids also have one giant, scary stigma attached to them: They could completely destroy our planet. But some asteroids are also rich sources of precious minerals, like iron, platinum, or gold.

Two NASA missions are planning to explore mineral-laden asteroids in 2021 and 2023. Part of NASA’s Discovery Program, the missions are considered inexpensive, coming in at $450 million apiece.

The first mission will involve scientists launching a robotic spacecraft named Lucy in October 2021. They hope to reach a Massachusetts-size asteroid, named 16 Psyche, made up completely of nickel and iron. This metallic monolith is considered a minor planet due to its enormous size, which comes in at about 130 miles in diameter.  Psyche is located in the Trojan asteroid belt, between Jupiter and Saturn.


Source: Collective Evolution

*This is an older article that originates from Collective Evolution, a couple of updates have been made.

Science works best when in harmony with nature. If we put these two together, we can discover great technologies that can only come about when the consciousness of the planet is ready to embrace them. One example is “free energy,” also known as “zero-point energy,” which utilizes the substance that exists all around us and converts it into usable energy. This would give us a limitless source of energy, and would practically wipe out all poverty on the planet. (more on this later in the article)

The properties of space have been postulated by many, from ancient Vedic philosophy, Eastern Mystics, various ancient civilizations throughout human history all the way to Descartes, Einstein, Newton and more. Humans are curious beings, and our quest to discover “what is” will never end.

“And they allowed Apollonius to ask questions; and he asked them of what they thought the cosmos was composed; but they replied; “Of elements.” “Are there then four?” he asked. “Not four,” said Larchas,  “but five.” “And how can there be a fifth,” said Apollonius, “alongside of water and air and earth and fire?” “There is the ether,” replied the other, “which we must regard as the stuff of which gods are made; for just as all mortal creatures inhale the wire, so do immortal and divine natures inhale the ether.” “Am I,” said Appollonius, “to regard the universe as a living creature?” “Yes,” said the other. – The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, Philostratus, 220AD (source)

Friday, February 17, 2017


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The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s greatest natural resources, with its incredible vegetation continuously recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. Having been referred to as the “Lungs of our Planet,” about 20% of Earth’s oxygen is produced here.

The impenetrable lushness of this revered rainforest lends to both its ominous reputation and the misconception that it was an untouched wilderness prior to European exploration. As discoveries continue to show, indigenous people altered the land far before then.

Now, researchers have found that the Amazonian rainforest was transformed over two thousand years ago by ancient people who constructed hundreds of massive, mysterious earthworks.

Brazilian and U.K. researchers found the more than 450 massive geoglyphs that had been hidden for centuries by trees by way of deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest. The earthworks span an area of about 5,000 square miles.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Source: Collective Evolution

Our ancient world continues to become more mysterious by the day, as 10,000 year old rock paintings depicting possible extraterrestrials and UFOs have been found in Chhattisgarh, India. These can be added to the long list of mysterious and unexplained “ancient art” that seems to lend to the belief that our ancient world and the people who lived at that time had contact with beings that did not originate from this planet.

According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings depict extraterrestrials. The Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture is planning to seek the help of NASA and ISRO for research regarding the paintings.

“The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers. Extensive research is needed for further findings. Chhattisgarh presently doesn’t have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject. The paintings are done in natural colours that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. The nose and mouth are missing, and in a few pictures they are even shown wearing spacesuits. We can’t refuse the possibility of imagination by prehistoric men but humans usually fancy such things.” – JR Bhagat (source)

According to the times of India:

“There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about “rohela people” -the small sized ones -who used to land from the sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons in the  village who never returned.” (source)

Antiquity is filled with stories of beings, materials and flying objects that, according to modern day thinking, should not have existed. For anybody who has studied ancient mythology, they would know that a large amount of evidence exists today to turn those ‘mythical stories,’ (as we interpret them) into stories of a possible ancient reality. To see more examples of that, please click HERE. 

A couple of years ago, With Prime Minister Narendra Modi in attendance (as seen in the picture) as well as various other prestigious scientists from all over the world, the Indian Science Congress is probably the last place you would expect a presentation regarding ancient flying machines that could traverse the Solar System. For the first time in the history of the congress, a presentation was given outlining the depiction of these ancient flying ‘space ships.’  You can read more about that in an article we published about it here.

Every single year this topic seems to be gaining more and more attention.

Here are some of the pictures that were found:


(Editors note: MDT is not claiming any stones have more statue than another, we are simply providing an interesting article on this subject. - Aaron)

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Are you new to the wonderful world of crystals? Has something drawn you to them, and do you have an incredible urge to collect as many as possible, but have no idea where to begin? There are thousands of different crystals and stones with many different properties in existence, and aside from being very beautiful, they all hold tremendous healing potential.

In the past, I never really understood crystals. I had friends who would hold them and immediately begin to feel their “power” or properties, saying things like, “Oh wow, this one feels very energetic,” or “This one is a very loving, protective stone,” etc. While I believed in the potential power of crystals, I felt as though I was not intuitive enough to feel it, or my friends  were exaggerating, or perhaps that crystals only worked for certain people.

Then something interesting happened. I was going through a really difficult experience, and I was in the midst of arguing with an ex-partner when he had a bit of anxiety attack and ran out of the house. I ran after him to make sure he was okay, and then I noticed, right underneath my feet, this beautiful amethyst crystal, just sitting in the street. I picked it up, took it home, and looked up the properties and the definition of this stone. I was completely amazed to see that this crystal was meant to protect me from exactly what I had been struggling with, and even encouraged me to make some pretty big decisions in my life. From that point forward, I was sold on crystals.

Since then I have had a few other significant events with crystals and stones, and they always seem to come into my life at the right time. And that is exactly what they are meant to do. A dear friend once told me that if you are wearing a crystal as a piece of jewelry and it falls off and you lose it, then the crystal is no longer meant to be with you and it is no longer serving. Someone who is in need of that stone will then find it. This is just part of the mysteriousness of crystals.

A Brief History of Crystals

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Energy is a big word in our world. We use it to describe people’s moods, to explain things in physics, and to understand our own vitality and life force. And often, we describe it in dualistic terms. It is a common belief that, much like positive energies in the world have the ability to heal and enhance our well-being, negative energies exist in our world that can actually harm us, and much of the world’s population is affected, or will be affected in years to come, by them.

This theory has led many to seek out how to recognize negative energies in order to reduce or bypass their effects. Spiritual healing and spiritual practice, for instance, work to give us a better understanding of what is truly us, and what is simply the result of negative energies.
According to some, negative energies can be compared to Pandora’s box, causing all the troubles in our world.

As the Spiritual Research Foundation explains:

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