Thursday, July 30, 2015

5 Problems With Your Business’s Social Media

Let’s face it.
Social Media is here, and it’s here to stay.
If you run a business, and you acknowledge that the year is 2015, then you know that you should be on social media.
Well. It’s relatively new. It’s cheap. Almost everyone is on it.  It generates results.
And most likely, your potential and current customers are on it as well.
And they’re ALWAYS on it.
This begs the question as to why you’re not getting the results you’re looking for when it comes to drawing an audience and generating results.
Here are some common mistakes as to why you’re not experiencing the results you want.
And I’ll give you a few tips on how to fix them as well :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Natural Law Basis of Harvest | The Spiritual Evolution of Gaia and All Who Dwell In the System of Sol

Source - Stillness in the Storm

This post will detail what Gregg Prescott spoke of in his summary of Corey Goode's recent interviews on the GaiamTV series Cosmic Disclosure. The text of this post will be in black, contrary to our usual commentary in green.

Prescott's piece, details his healthy skepticism about what are they [Sphere Beings] waiting for and what the Harvest is. In applying aspects of the Law of One and Natural Law to this notion of Harvest we are attempting to offer a clear understanding for who they are and what they are waiting for.

Being skeptical as to what is really going on, considering the majority of us don't really know firsthand, certainly seems like a healthy reaction. The information revealed by Corey Goode seems to be the most comprehensive presentation of what has been and is happening within our solar system to date. With the reality of energy harvesting via the Babylonian Money Magic System, the term Harvest, left undefined, can be very unsettling.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

U.S. Government Releases Document With Details Of Extraterrestrial Bodies, Craft & Home Planet

Sharing the truth about ExtraTerrestrial presences and UFO phenomenon is now an open source disclosure process. The number of officially released documents numbers in the thousands. Its no longer a question of is the government going to disclose, its why hasn't the media picked up on it. 

This is where the answer becomes more revealing in my view. Obama was heard to tell that there is no conclusive evidence that UFO's or ET's are real. Yet the FBI officially disclosed a series of documents that read right out of a twilight zone episode. 
“Behind the scenes, high ranking air force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe that the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” – Former Head of CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, 1960 (source)
The following items are listed in the 69 page memorandum, dated 1947:

  • Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control.
  • Their mission is peaceful, the visitors contemplate settling on this planet.
  • This visitors are human-like but much larger in size.
  • They are not excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world
  • The disks posses some type of radiant energy.
  • They do not come from any “planet” as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.
  • The bodies of the visitors, and the craft also, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter.
  • They re-enter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace.
  • The region they come from is NOT the astral plane, but corresponds to the Lakas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

Science of Life, The Universe and Everything? | Dewey B Larson' Reciprocal System of Theory - Walking the Path of Truth in a World of Deception

By Justin Deschamps

Dewey B. Larson was an engineer during the early part of the 20th century, at a time when many conflicting theories of the Universe were beginning to gain popularity. Despite being labeled an outcast for questioning Scientific Dogma, he investigated the whole of Physical Science over a 40 year period, discovering that there were many inaccurate theories masquerading as accepted fact. This had the effect of preventing a true and accurate theory being developed to explain the Universe as a whole, which Larson and his team did;Reciprocal Systems Theory

I have always been a science buff, learning about Cosmology, Biology and Psychology very early on in life. Even as a child, I could see that there were some glaring problems with accepted theory, but assumed that I did not have enough information to understand the complexity of Relativity, Particle Theory and more; I thought I 'wasn't smart enough to understand.

I attended University with Physics as my focus, due to a profound curiosity about life and the Universe. Within this environment I encountered even more dogmatic thinking, with professors and students accepting the doctrines of modern Science as if they were proven facts. Many years later, I discovered Larson's work through the Law of One series, and since then I have come to understand many of the conceptual errors rife in science today.

Like Larson did nearly 70 years ago, I began to question many of the beliefs I blindly accepted during my education, and felt more confused then ever. But slowly after researching and studying Larsonian physics - as well as nearly every other theory I could get my hands on - I began to understand the concepts personally. Now, nearly 4 years later, I have developed enough personal understanding to see how all the various theories are describing an Objective Reality (what IS) but through the lens of the accepted beliefs of each theory. I do not claim to be the sole promoter of truth, but I have developed the 'eyes to see' as a result of all my efforts, which anyone can do.

The Path of a Truth Seeker in this sense, can be difficult, as we must rely on ourselves to develop knowledge. If we do not understand a concept, we must focus time and attention so that we do, and in doing so, prepare ourselves for other grander concepts. If we do not understand Electromagnetics, then must we study it so as to understand how our bodies are entrained to the earth. If we do not understand the immune system, then must we study it so we can know how our bodies work and maintain our health.

The Ra Material and The Secret Space Program | Required Science Described by The Law of One and Dewey B. Larson

By Justin Deschamps

We just discovered Deus Nexus, which has compiled an amazing amount of information, insights and analysis of various topics, including the secret space program and the Ra Material.

David Wilcock was informed by one of his insiders that the Law of One is required reading for high level operations in some of these programs. Given the breath taking accuracy of Natural Law described in the Ra material, it would make sense that high level programs use it as part of their training. Below we will discuss some of that physics and the work of Dewey B Larson.
Related The Law Of One - A Brief Introduction | Atlantis and the Confederation, Yahweh and the Orion Group, Earth's Quarantine, Eisenhower met with ET's, Thought War

Mainstream science has long suffered from biases of materialism, developing many false assumptions about how the universe works. Dewey B. Larson was a prominent physicist who recognized these errors, and began a progressive process of evaluation, ultimately developingReciprocal Systems theory. Ra endorses RS theory as being the most accurate theory on Earth, at the time the material was channeled. It is essentially the basis of physical sciences, and extends into the realms of dreams, intuition, morality and consciousness. 

David Wilcock's talk in April 2015 is an excellent companion to the following. 

David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More

I went in and added some commentary on various sections of this post in [brackets], expanding the consciousness physics described in the Law of One, which is essential for understanding the 'strange' phenomenon encountered by the SSP's and the use of Star gates.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Law Of One - A Brief Introduction | Atlantis and the Confederation, Yahweh and the Orion Group, Earth's Quarantine, Eisenhower met with ET's, Thought War

Source - Stillness in the Storm

This was one of the first articles we produced after starting the blog, and we thought the concepts offered herein are very applicable to the current discussion of Secret Space Program disclosure offered by Corey GoodETxSG and many others. 

We hope to produce more indepth analysis of this type of content in the future, merging any ideas that appear to be disconnected on the surface, but are actually reflections of the truth itself.

Related David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More

- Justin

There has been plenty of talk about ETs (Extra-Terrestrials), also sometimes called Galactics, or space brothers etc. Many do not believe that they exist, others believe that any ET life would be of a conquering type, looking to enslave us. That they would only come here to gather resources; whether that be of materials or labor(us). Of course there are many, especially those who have looked at alternative history, who say that in an infinite universe there must be other highly intelligent life, maybe even more advanced than we AND that there is evidence we have been visited; both in our past and even now.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

El Dorado & The Re-Penting of America

Author: Dan Winter

Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role

Is the 'Fountain of Youth' the sustainable charge envelope of embedding.. inhabited by ONLY the Shareable?

Meaning of El Dorado: El=Phase Shift from circle to line.. matter(matrix) to energy, Dor=Doorway.. El Dorado - Doorway into Gold - which is Door to Perfect Fractal Embedding.

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