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KOSOVO Vatican Tyranny Another nail in the coffin of freedom

Source: theforbiddenknowledge

Below is a set of information MDT took the time to read sort out and blog.  Within this article and the attached links at the bottom a set of hidden actions and knowledge can be understood.  As always my personal comments are in Green. - Aaron

Yugoslavia has been part of my research for the past several years. I spent some time in Bled and Lubjliana in 1970 and found those people to be most congenial, which makes this subject sensitive to me.

With the background I am giving you, you should have no difficulty seeing through the Whitehouse/CIA/media hype:

In 1941, a Croatian Catholic (Ante Pavelic) started the Ustasha (the leaders were all Dominican and Franciscan monks, making the Ustasha an integral part of the Roman Catholic Church, the ranks made up of monks of the same orders and Bosnian Muslims). The Ustasha was put into power in Croatia by Adolf Hitler in 1941, in compliance with the Vatican/Third Reich Concordat. The Ustasha implemented a program of "conversion" of Croatia to Catholicism. The program was to annihilate one third of the entire Serbian population, force a third to migrate out of the country and force the last third to convert to Catholicism. Assigned to oversee the entire operation, by the Vatican, was Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac. The program was to take ten years. The Ustasha built and operated the third largest concentration camp in WWII at Jasenovac where over 800,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies were systematically butchered (hundreds were incinerated alive). The "program" was interrupted in 1945 with the Allies kicking the Nazi's and Ustasha out.

READ THE BOOK: "The Yugoslav Auschwitz and The Vatican" by: Vladimer Dedijer.
Clinton got his law degree at Georgetown (Jesuit) University where he was indoctrinated into communism  (as was, Jesuit, Fidel Castro). As governor of Arkansas, Clinton authorized the use of the airfield at Mena Arkansas, for Reagan's CIA-Iran/Contra weapons and drug smuggling operation. M-16's went south to arm the Catholic Contra's  (to take back Nicaragua and El Salvador for the Vatican) and cocaine came north and sold on American streets by the CIA (today that cocaine is being sold in black neighborhoods by the Contra's). The money (over 100 million a month) was laundered through: Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha Nebraska; Bank of Credit & Commerce International; Guaranty Bank in Chicago; Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago. The money then used to buy more weapons (from David Koresh and Cabazon Indian Reservation near Indio California) and to put Catholic priest/dictator, Jean Bertrand Aristide, in power in Haiti, some going to: Arkansas Development Finance Authority (authored by: Webster Hubbell). The entire operation was overseen by Oliver North.
Oliver North had multiple secret accounts at Credit Suisse (Credit Bank) one of the four banks that financed the assassination of John Kennedy] , Geneva, Switzerland: thereby controlling the financing of the entire operation.
Clinton was "chosen" to run for the Oval office by sovereign Knight of Malta: William Casey. This is the same William Casey who was CIA station chief in Viet Nam and implemented the "Operation Phoenix" (ethnic cleansing) of South Vietnamese Buddhist's, picking up where, Catholic, (Cardinal Francis "burn-em alive" Spellman trained) South Vietnamese president, Ngo Dihn Diem, left off: After John Kennedy had him assassinated on 2 Nov 1963. Need I say what happened on 22 Nov 1963? This is also the same William Casey, who, along with Oliver North, devised the system of smuggling M-16's to the Contra's in Nicaragua and cocaine north; was George Bush's campaign manager and named in a class action lawsuit in Southern California [(case no. 99-02603) along with Robert Gates, John Deutch, George Tenet, Estate of William French Smith, Edwin Meese, Richard Thornburgh, Janet Reno and others; CIA, US Dept. of Justice] responsible for the 1980's crack cocaine epidemic and resulting social and economic devastation of inner city communities.
Clinton implemented the American Ustasha (BATF) pilot program, in Waco Texas, using the trumped up charge of a methamphetomine laboratory, which was never mentioned again once the raid started. After all the deaths (80) (17 children and their mothers were gassed and incinerated alive, the entire operation overseen by Webster Hubbell) and long term imprisonment of the Mt. Carmel survivors: NOT ONE HAD VIOLATED ANY LAW!! David Koresh was a LICENSED gun dealer!
In 1991 Clinton put the Ustasha back in power in Croatia: picking up the process of "conversion", where they left off in 1945. Not satisfied with the progress, Clinton concocted the phony "Dayton Peace Accord", implementing the treacherous unilateral disarmament: holding the Serbs in a, so called, fire free zone, which, in  truth, was a free fire zone when the Croats and Muslims were allowed to rearm and continue the "conversion" process, which was completed in 1995.
In Bosnia, the Ustasha was called: "Creation Peoples Party" (HSP) and its army: "Creation Defense Force" (HOS): units being partially comprised of: "Black Legion" mercenaries from Austria, Belgium, Britain and Canada, and the French mercenary unit: "Nouvelle Resistance", MPRI (shadowy mercenary organization, based in Virginia) contracted by the Pentagon to train Ustasha units in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (MPRI trained KLA/Ustasha direct US/Nato bombings in Kosovo by field radio).
In watching the, so called, news media you would think the Serb's are the worst people on earth. However a more critical view shows quite a different picture. The pictures of dead bodies show only that. They don't show: who they are, who killed them, when, where or how they were killed. You simply take the media's word for that. In 1969, a headline story, on every major newspaper in the US, read: "Buddhist Monk Commits Suicide in Protest of War", along with a picture of that monk engulfed in a gasoline flame on a Saigon street. The only problem with that is, that Buddhist Monk committed suicide in that flame in 1962 in protest of Catholic president Ngo Dihn Diem's systematic "ethnic cleansing" of all South Vietnamese Buddhist's out of South Viet Nam [Ngo Dihn Diem's Catholic wife's remark, to the suicide, was: "he would have made a good weenie roast", or words to that affect]. Also in 1969, in response to Spiro Agnew's attempt to get a bill through Congress to make it a crime for the media to lie: the president of ABC news stated, on national television: "we are not in the business of telling the truth".
If Slobodan Milosevic is doing ethnic cleansing, why haven't we seen any satellite images of it? After all, if it's supposed to be going on, on such a "wide scale", how could it be so difficult? Could it be, with all of the military's sophisticated technology, it's still to difficult to take a picture of what isn't happening? With satellite resolution clear enough that you can tell how long it's been since a man has shaved, all they've shown is a photo with some little dash marks (supposedly graves). When has any army, committing genocide, bothered to dig individual graves? Then, to add more insult to your intelligence, when UN forces go in, they try to claim the Serbian Army dug up each individual body (best lie they could come up with to explain not having any bodies)!  We didn't see any pictures of displaced Albanians until after Clinton started his bombing.
Clinton calls Serbia, Yugoslavia: This carries grave implications in international protocol terminology. This means Clinton does not recognize the sovereignty of the Serbian people in their own land. How does this fit the UN charter?  Clinton target bombed the WWII war memorial bridge across the Danube river in the middle of Novi Sad (where the Nazi's killed over 9000 Serbs) killing over 100 people on their way to work (it was on C-Span) (no military in the region). We know he's been bombing business buildings, appliance and pharmaceutical factories, commercial power and water plants, schools and orphanages in Belgrade.  How's that for concern for human suffering?  Yes there really is ethnic cleansing going on, and its the US and NATO that's doing it! If you are so naive as to think NATO is not capable of such acts, ask the French why de Gaulle kicked NATO out of France in 1962 (FBI's Division 5, through NATO, made it's second attempt on his life: ordered by J. Edgar Hoover).
The Albanian KLA Separatists are KNOWN drugs and weapons smuggling terrorists (on US list of ten worst terrorist organizations for several years; just removed from that list last year) and have incorporated "Black Legion" mercenary units into their ranks. If you will take the time to find out, you will see (as I did on TV) embroidered down the left side of the KLA's arm patch is the word: "USTASHA"! At the top middle of the arm patch are the bolder letters: UCK (Ustasha of Croatia operating in Kosovo).
This Whitehouse psychopath went to Denver to have a meeting with the Pope, just a few days, before he started bombing the Serb's. What's this tell you, in international protocol, about who is serving who when a visiting head of state, sits in a city of a country and waits for the head of that country to come and visit him?
Be warned: This, so called, peace agreement with Slobodan Milosovic is another phony "Dayton Peace Accord" to disarm the Serbs and set them up for extermination, just like they did in Croatia and Bosnia! This process will continue throughout the rest of the Balkans: Montenagro is next, then Macedonia.
The Serb's fought with the Allies in WWII, (which is one of the many reasons the Vatican has it in for them) AND THIS IS THE THANKS THEY GET!!                                                                                                                                            
For more, and in depth, info on what has and is happening in Kosovo, and other hot spots in the world go to:


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