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We are having a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday, June 9th at 1:10pm Universal Time. It will appear at its fullest on the night of June 8th if you are in the Americas. The astrological energies of the Full Moon start to become noticeable in the days leading up to it and remain fairly strong in the days following. The planetary configuration at this time also influences the following two weeks until the next Moon cycle begins.

Full Moons are the most emotionally charged time of the month. With the Sun being in Gemini, this Moon brings out the opposing polarity of Sagittarius, in which we may feel the energies of each sign either collaborating or challenging each other. This Sun is masculine and represents our ego needs; with the Moon being feminine, it represents emotional needs.

On June 6th/7th, Venus entered Taurus and Mercury entered Gemini. These planets rule these signs and they express themselves very harmoniously there. Venus, which rules relationships, love, money, values, and pleasures, expresses itself in a way that is stable, determined, secure, and sensual, but could also be stubborn and overindulging. Mercury, which rules the mind, communication, information flow, and commuting, expresses itself in a way that is versatile, quick, multitasking, dualistic, and good with words. It can also be continuously changing and scattered while lacking focus and depth.

Mars entered Cancer on June 4th/5th, which is a sign that it is more challenged in the way it expresses itself, yet has different benefits. Mars represents assertiveness, action, aggression, and sex, while Cancer is an inward, retreating, protective, domestic, and feeling-based sign. In this sign Mars can generally be more passive. However, its assertive nature can be best expressed for getting things done around the home and taking action toward things that we are emotionally connected to and/or make us feel secure.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Conjunct Saturn, Jupiter Going Direct

The Sun has been in Gemini since May 20th/21st, a time in which the communicative, dualistic, social, and information-rich qualities of Gemini have been more present. As the Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Sun, we find ourselves needing to look at more of the big picture, and considering what is beyond our immediate thoughts, language, and environment.

The Full Moon is moving toward a conjunction with Saturn retrograde in the same sign. This emphasizes the Sagittarian themes of morals and truth. This can also be a time of serious considerations around travel, higher education, spirituality, beliefs, teaching, and marketing/publishing.

Saturn here can also bring up adjustments that we need to make around our commitments and responsibilities. Some things can also be triggered on June 14th-15th, when the Sun opposes Saturn, when we may also have to face restrictions and limitations.
Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, has been retrograde in Libra since February 6th and will start moving forward again less than an hour after the peak of this Full Moon. When a planet goes direct, we approach the themes associated with that planet with better clarity, based on what has transpired. If you don’t notice it right away, it will become more evident over the coming weeks as it speeds up in motion.

Jupiter also rules the same things represented by Sagittarius mentioned above and therefore gives this energy more strength and significance. It is in Libra, which emphasizes growth, expansiveness, and perhaps even luck around relationships, partnerships, equality, aesthetics, creativity, and balance.

Venus Sextile Mars, Mercury Trine Jupiter and Square Neptune

Within an hour of this Full Moon and Jupiter going direct, Venus will be making a harmonious sextile with Mars. It is strongest on this day but will still impact the remainder of the Moon cycle. This is a great energy for creativity and sexuality, as well as making financial decisions and being socially assertive. This can also be great for taking action toward things we enjoy.

Considering that Venus is in Taurus and Mars in Cancer, both signs seek security. Taurus is also somewhat protective and domestic like Cancer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those energies will play out in those ways for everyone. For some people, this can also be good for working to beautify the home. Money may also become available for other needs around home or family.

Mercury in Gemini Trine Jupiter in Libra and Square Neptune

Mercury is moving toward an easy trine with Jupiter that harmonizes the polarity of this Full Moon as Mercury rules Gemini (where the Sun is) and Jupiter rules Sagittarius. This helps to synthesize the energies of both signs and planets mentioned above.

This aspect will be exact on June 13th, when the Moon will be in Aquarius, joining in and forming a grand trine. This can help to bring in innovation, networking, and teamwork, and some may notice an enhanced intellect. If you are using social media, this can potentially be a great day for learning, sharing, or marketing through or to your network.

Mercury is also forming a square to Neptune, which will be exact on June 13th and felt into the 14th. With all the good things happening with Mercury and Jupiter, it is possible that we may also have to deal with some confusion or delusion around facts. This can make it hard to concentrate but at the same time intuition can be heightened when we also factor in the Mercury-Jupiter energy mentioned above.

Things to Consider During This Period

What has come up for you since early February in regards to your beliefs, morals, relationships, or anything to do with travelling, marketing/publishing, learning, teaching, and education? What has the Universe been trying to show you and what have you been feeling? This is the time to start considering what actions you need to take based on what has transpired for you in these areas.

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