Friday, March 18, 2016

Energy Mafia is on Its Knees: Australia First to Receive Ocean Wave Generated Zero-Emission Electricity

The world is in desperate need of alternative energy, and Australia just rode the wave, quite literally, into a new energy paradigm. Using the Perth Wave Energy Project’s CETO 5 wave energy generators developed by Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, the movement of the ocean is creating renewable, sustainable energy – which can even be used to make potable water through desalinization.
For now, the CETO 5 wave generator  is being used to provide energy to a nearby naval base, but future installments of the electricity-generating technology are in planning stages. 3 CETO units channeling energy from the ocean are plugged into a power grid for 14000 cumulative hours of energy.
The below video explains how the CETO 5 works. 240kW buoys tethered to water pumps covert the movement of the ocean waves into high-powered water which is then used to create hydroelectricity to power a reverse-osmosis desalination plant.

Carnegie Wave Energy claims the technology doesn’t harm ocean life, causes no pollution, and can be placed at different depths of the ocean, so as not to be affected by storms.
“Wave-powered generation could hold the key to viability of renewable energy because it was predictable and could run all day. This is one of the great success stories in innovation in renewable energy.”
Australia is one of many places on the planet that can harness wave energy effectively to provide electric energy to its citizens, but there are many more locations around the planet that could benefit from similar technology.

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Free energy technologies have been suppressed by the JPMorgan and Bush family corporate energy cartels for far too long. JPMorgan Chase is one of the five major financial institutions of the US, but many Americans are not aware of their history of crime. The company has employees all over the world, with assets of over $2.5 trillion. Just a cursory view of the last several years of JPMorgan Chase’s annual reports reveals numerous illegal activities. Here are a few:
• In 2011, the company agreed to pay a $35 million settlement fee to military families that claimed they were overcharged on their mortgages, a violation of the Service Members Civil Relief Act and Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.
• In 2012, JP Morgan Chase paid the US government $659 million to settle charges that it charged veterans hidden fees in mortgage contracts.
• Also in 2012, the company paid a $1.2 billion settlement for conspiring to set the price of credit and debit card interchange fees.
• In 2013, the company paid $80 million in fines and $309 million in refunds to customers who were billed for credit monitoring charges that the bank never provided.
• Again in 2013, they paid $4.5 billion as part of a settlement for defrauding investors in mortgage-backed securities.
• $79.9 million was paid in settlement fees for the illegal rigging of benchmark interest rates.
• $110 million was paid for overcharging customers for overdraft fees.
• JPMorgan Chase paid over $410 million of an originally proposed $1 billion to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to settle a claim of bidding manipulation of California and Midwest electricity markets, otherwise known as energy fixing.
• Millions more were paid by JPMorgan Chase for insurance fraud, facilitating Bernie Madoff’s embezzlement of $64.8 billion from tens of thousands of unsuspecting investors, and more.
There will soon be no need to burn fossil fuels, once technologies like these, and those created by genius minds like Nikola Tesla, are available for the common man and woman.

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