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How to Free Yourself From Subconscious Programming And Access Your Psychic Ability to Read Minds

Source: Stillness In The Storm

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The following is a compilation of two articles related to training our innate psychic abilities to read minds. But much more than just this simple parlor trick can be done when we begin to gain mastery of the metaphysical realms. 

In the hermetic philosophies, the principle of Mentalism states that all things are mental, all causes have their origin in mind. Everything we do, perceive and experience passes through the mind as a type of consciousness gateway. What this means is that developing the ability to read body language is one way to get a glimpse into the mind, including our own. 

Studying body language is an excellent way to compare a person's statements – how they present themselves – and who they really are at any given moment. For example, if someone consciously thinks of themselves as beautiful and attractive, yet when receiving a compliment they become physically uncomfortable, this reaction indicates that some part of them is not in self acceptance, there is a program of self-loathing or low self-esteem working under the surface.

The physical body makes close contact to the emotional register of our beingness. The conscious mind can only comprehend or make choices based on what it recognizes, what it's focusing on, whereas the subconscious mind, acting through the body, can seemingly make choices without the conscious mind's participation. 

Consider that during a reflex response, the body reacts to a stimulus before the conscious mind is even made aware of it. This suggests that the body, like emotions, are a reflection of, not just the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind as well. Our behavior is the totality of our mental processes, a holistic reflection of our beingness at any given moment.

As individuals, our physical behavior is a combination of a person's conscious identity and unconscious self, all the things about themselves they try to hide or have not to become aware of yet. What this means is that reading body language is literally like taking a litmus test for a person's development, how far along the path of self-mastery and sovereignty they are. And the beautiful thing is it works for yourself too. 

Why is this so important?

Our innate psi abilities are hidden behind countless subconscious programs that block us from using them. We've been conditioned to think these things are impossible, usually by way of the media. Science fiction is one example of how these subtle programs of psychic disempowerment work. For more on how the power of belief and choice affects psi ability, see the below-linked article.

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Most people have heard of programming, whether it is subliminal, social, indoctrination, trauma-based, and so on. All programming is a dynamic interaction between the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious mind. We are always undergoing a process of writing new programs while expressing the ones we already have. Human nature is that we are programable; but what most people don't know, is that we can and do write our own programs. 

When we encounter a stimulus, a response is generated, whether conscious or unconscious. This response, if left unaltered by the conscious mind, settles into the unconscious as a fully formed program, eventually expressing as an automatic behavior or impulse. We've all had this happen to us before, where we watch ourselves reacting to something, but didn't make a conscious choice to do it. And in many cases, these automatic reactions can causes us more problems than good. So getting to know what our programs are is essential to gaining control of one's life. 

For example, the first time we eat a strong tasting vegetable, such as broccoli, we may react with disgust because of the unfamiliar sensations. This initial reaction if left unchecked by the conscious mind, sinks below the surface into the unconsciousness. There it waits until we encounter something in experience that triggers the program, like the smell of broccoli cooking, which then causes us to experience disgust again. This program is a thought form made up of sensations of the experience (raw sensory data) as well as our resulting choices of rejection or denial in relation to these sensations. While most of us don't think that we chose to feel disgusted, by not opening ourselves up to the sensations felt, by not embracing the fullness of the experience, we chose to reject it, and in the process a program of disgust was created. 

The conscious mind is the tool used to re-write pre-existing programs. Matter of fact, anything that we try to ignore or avoid within our data stream (experience), is reacted to unconsciously instead of consciously, which then settles into the mind as a fully formed program. What we refuse to be conscious of manipulates us through the subconscious. The whole advertising industry is founded on this principle of subliminal conditioning or reaction generation as a result of bypassing the conscious mind.  

Even though we may not be aware of it, we are constantly judging everything in our experience. Judgment is the act of choosing how we feel about something or what we think something is. If we see something that looks like a banana, the automatic reaction or judgment recorded in the mind will be: that is a banana

But what if we misjudge something? What if our first reaction isn't really the best? If we don't reexamine the response then this becomes an automatic impulse or reaction, a program. And we've all heard how judging is not something we should do, but I think what this wisdom is really saying is that not having respect for our judgments can make us victims of them. Many times, problems encountered in life are a result of impulsive reactions that come directly from our programming. Freeing ourselves from these programs is the ultimate form of awakening. 

It is our programming that has the biggest influence on our behavior, beliefs, and worldviews. Most people do not exercise their conscious mind (discernment) to reappraise or judge something again; to respect it. The word respect comes from the latin respectus, or the prefix re,meaning again, and specere, meaning to look at; the word literally means to look again. So to have self-respect, means to look at yourself again, to re-examine what we've created with your choices so as to separate the good from the bad, the true from the false, the disempowering from the empowering. 

Since we live in a world where we're constantly being flooded with subliminal suggestions, our attitudes, reactions, and worldviews are probably not our own. By the time we're reached five to seven years old, our perspectives on life have been almost fully formed, and these will continue to alter our perception unless we respect them, unless we consciously re-program ourselves using the conscious mind. 

The following article provides supportive information for this self-respect process for re-programming the mind. By becoming aware of the behavior of others, recognizing their unconscious bodily expressions, called micro gestures, we can familiarize ourselves with the unseen world of the unconscious mind. Then once we've developed the eyes to see programs, we can turn our gaze inward to discover what kinds of programming we've taken on over the course of our lives. 

And make no mistake, the vast majority of your beliefs, ideas and reactions were probably not consciously selected by you as a result of careful examination of all the facts. Making sound reasonable choices based on truth is always the best guide for writing empowering programs. And this is the secret to psychic ability. When we've finally gotten rid of disempowering programs, and re-programed ourselves as guided by the truth, gaining self-mastery and wisdom in the process, psi abilities naturally develop. The mind becomes a tool of incredible empowerment instead of a hindrance.

Self-mastery or sovereignty is a state of near total self-awareness. Where we've developed true self-knowledge, and in the process, removed any unconscious programming that was not in alignment with who we are. And the hard truth is, the person we identify with now is probably only a pale reflection of who we really are, yet we cling to this shadow self out of fear. Consider that we usually try to defend or protect our beliefs instead of re-examining them to see if they are really in alignment with truth. 

The human world was created by mind, yet only a small fraction of people really have the courage and mental discipline to know what they are creating. All the rest have become pawns of a despotic elite, who know all too well these realities of mind, and indoctrinate the masses into programs that ultimately make us agents of the matrix. Most people on Earth are not in control of their own thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 

The power of our co-creative mass consciousness is well nigh limitless, but because most of humanity has left the drivers' seat, and the Cabal was all to happy to jump in. They have been steering the collective consciousness of humanity for eons, creating the world we see today. But we have the opportunity in every moment of our lives to re-examine and question our reactions and programs. It will be one of the hardest things we do, yet in the process, we will gain empowerment and help make this world the paradise it was meant to be. 

Summing this all up: Learn to use your mind, or someone else will

- Justin

Source - Nexus Illuminati 

You knew what was going to happen before it happened and the fact that you had psychic ability and could read minds surprised you. This experience of being right on with your intuition about things that haven’t happened yet is more common than you might think.

It’s possible that psychics don’t have any skills beyond what we possess ourselves. Psychics have simply learned to be excellent observers. With practice, you can learn to develop your psychic abilities so that reading someone’s mind becomes a powerful tool.

Predicting someone’s thoughts is easier the more that you know about reading people. In learning to detect the small, observable things that people do with their bodies and words when speaking to you, you can pick up on what is not being said.

If you could read minds, it would make your life much easier, so let’s explore how to access your psychic ability to read someone’s mind. Here are a few suggestions to practice with.

How To Access Your Psychic Ability to “Read” Someone’s Mind

Reading body language

Hands in fists on hips, a furrowed brow and slightly downturned mouth are pretty universally understood as angry body language. If you were trying to read this person’s mind, their thoughts would sound like “I can’t believe you did that. I’m so frustrated with you!”

Now let’s try another one. If a person is resting their chin in the palm of one hand, has slightly pursed lips, and their eyebrows are raised slightly while they are looking up at you, what would you guess their thoughts would be? This is a typically bored posture, so their thoughts might be “I wish I was somewhere else doing what I want to do.”

Reading facial expressions

An easy trick for determining what someone’s facial expression means is to mimic their face yourself. One your facial muscles repeat what theirs are doing, you can sense the emotion that they are feeling because you know what corresponding emotion goes with that set of facial movements.

For example, if someone is raising their eyebrows near the bridge of their nose and opening their mouth slightly, they are probably trying to plead with you for something that they want.

Withholding the truth can be seen in people’s facial expressions. One study found that when people are withholding their emotions, they tend to blink faster. The study also found that people who are hiding something have facial expressions that are inconsistent with their emotions, for example smiling when they are angry.

You can read more about how to tell if someone is lying to you here.

Reading into language

Ask yourself, “What aren’t they telling me?” The things that a person says are almost as important as what is left unsaid. Leaving things unspoken could mean that the person is trying to keep their options open or attempting to deceive you by failing to be specific. They could also be trying to be diplomatic by only telling you what you want to hear.

Lie-spotting author Pamela Meyer says that people will gloss over details when they are lying. For example, if you ask what they were looking at on their computer and they say “Oh just some stuff that somebody posted,” they are probably hiding something from you.

Trusting your intuition

Your intuition is that inner voice that is very important for reading minds. The intuition is picking up on cues from our environment when we may not even notice them. It uses all of this information that it has gathered to come to a conclusion.

The intuition is particularly important for making trust decisions. When your safety is on the line, your intuition will tell you whether a person can be relied on to keep you from harm. Reading someone’s mind when it comes to protecting yourself is an important use of your psychic abilities.

Learn to tell the difference between your expectations and reality

Ask yourself what you hope you will read in the other person’s thoughts. This is one possible thing that they are thinking, but it is more likely that your desires are clouding your ability to perceive clearly.

Learning to calm your thoughts is helpful with accessing your psychic ability to read someone’s mind. Your own thoughts can interfere with what you are trying to pick up on. Clearing your mind through meditation, deep breathing, and spending quiet time in nature can help you to be more receptive.

You can read more about how to prepare yourself for mind reading here.

Get more Oxytocin

In a study of mind reading skills, that is people’s ability to read the mental state of someone by interpreting subtle social cues, data suggests that oxytocin helps. Oxytocin is released by the brain when you receive a hug, do something exciting, or have an orgasm as well as during other pleasurable activities.

Researchers found that oxytocin improves the ability to infer the mental state of others from social cues of the eyes. Giving someone a hug before you try to read their mind might be the boost that your intuition needs to get the right answer.

The future for mind reading holds some promise for technology that can reconstruct your thoughts. Researchers studying how the brain maps information have discovered that they can reconstruct images based on what areas of the brain are activated as seen in an MRI.Once they know how mental representations map onto patterns of neural activity, they were able to demonstrate several impressive feats of mind reading.

World Leaders are Trained to Manipulate with Body Language

Psychology research has shown the power of body language to influence the mind. It can be used to convey messages which seriously impact a person’s perception, ideas and beliefs. Is it surprising then, that world leaders have been briefed to use this knowledge to promote their agendas and manipulate public responses to their public appearances?

While some cultural differences can be observed, many types of body language and hand gestures are universal. For example, crossing your arms creates the impression that you are “closed off,” or defensive, while opening your arms up shows a willingness to listen with a positive attitude.

Body language naturally occurs without thinking about it, and there are thousands of tiny cues which can convey a broad range of emotions. For any knowing spectator watching these cues, they help to build a picture of the speaker’s intent. Are they trustworthy or hiding something? What are they thinking and what do they want from me? Etc. Most of this occurs in a person’s sub-conscious mind at a level where they have no conscious awareness of it, and yet a person’s body language and outward gestures can have an enormous impact on how they are perceived.

Con artists, for example, learn to use body language to make people trust them. They manufacture all of the physical cues they know will present an image of honesty, and even authority. This is where knowledge of body language can be used to defraud people, using a person’s sense of trust against them. Worse still, is the implication that world leaders armed with this knowledge deliberately alter their body language to manipulate public opinion.


Talk to the Hand



Take a look at the three photos above, as they have a couple of things in common. The first is that they are, or were, world leaders (US presidents to be precise), some of the most powerful individuals in the world. The second similarity is that they are all deliberately using the same hand signal when speaking – a closed fist with the thumb pointing outwards, which is an emphatic gesture that helps to assert a point without being over-dominating.

A coincidence? No, the reason that many politicians use the same hand gestures is because they have been briefed by advisors on how to manipulate an audience with body language, as have many leading politicians throughout the world. Pointing a finger at someone and punctuating each assertion with vigorous hand movements is naturally received as a confrontational overture. World leaders wish to appear reasonable, even when they may not be, and therefore practice the appropriate accompanying hand gesture while rehearsing speeches and public appearances. Any signals that can make the audience feel threatened or defensive are avoided unless the situation demands such an authoritative presence.

What about just keeping your hands by your side while giving a speech? No, that won’t work either. People do not talk with their hands by their sides, and this would seem “off” and most unusual. With this closed fist and pointed thumb, however, a leader can appear authoritative without being confrontational, all the while manipulating viewers into feeling they are dealing with a reasonable person, when in fact they may be dealing with a sociopath.

In the following examples, open-handed gestures are aimed at crafting the perception that the public figure is welcoming, positive, and trustworthy.


This is merely the tip of the iceberg, and in addition to hand gestures, all manner of subtle body cues are used to assert psychological control over unwitting observers. As reported in Forbes, today’s leaders are being coached to ensure that their body language matches, or is “congruent” with, what they are saying. These gestures are most potent when delivered by the hands.

For example, when a speaker positions their hands palms up, they appear to be pleading and benign. When their palms are face down they are perceived as being more aggressive or authoritative. By simply alternating between these two gestures at key moments during speeches and interviews, a leader can affect the sub-conscious impression viewers have, dramatically affecting support for their cause or position.

These principals are described in greater detail by Psychology Professor Allan Pease, in the video below.


Coaching Leaders to Control Hearts & Minds


An entire industry has developed around teaching powerful individuals how to control opinion via body language and hand gesturing, and it isn’t just those who teach the effectiveness of body language who are reaping the rewards. The Pentagon has spent $300,000 every year since 2009 analyzing the body language of various world leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin. This, in itself, is an acknowledgement of how powerful body language is, and how important it can be in conveying messages. The military is using these observations to “get inside the mind” of various leaders, especially those they cannot have direct diplomatic ties with.

More than this, body language is being used as a technique to shape opinions across the globe. Regardless of your political persuasion, being aware of how our leaders use psychology against us is key to understanding the true intent of their message.


About the Author


Leif Davenport is an activist and writer from Scotland, as well as a staff writer for Waking Times.

–\F-6 Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Communic.pdf

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