Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Naturally un-natural?

Source: 8pm

Have you ever seen flowers struggle to bloom?

Even the waters do not struggle to flow. The ultimate source of energy, the Sun does not struggle to shine. Grass does not struggle to grow.

Why do we humans often feel everything is a struggle?

The seed of suffering within can be pretty strong, but are we waiting until there is no more suffering before allowing ourselves to be happy?

What I am trying to say is that the remarkable powerful tool is just at the tip of our fingers has advanced us in many ways than before. Technology has provided succour to humanity.

Like a balm to the pain-- assisting professionals from all levels in any job scope or roles they play for survival. For an instance, take a look at the architects. They have transitioned from 2D to 3D adding Building Information Modelling into their drawings with solutions like Autodesk. Viewing the real deal before it is being built. Reviewing and minimizing error before it is materialized.

Most importantly, rectifying the drawings before being built actually reduce wastage of natural resources and materials. The bridge between tasks in hand and communication between various disciplines became so much easy with all these productivity tools that are made available for you and me.

Collaboration between projects teams using Microsoft Sharepoint and creating easy workflow process via Microsoft Visio are examples of creating efficiency in our job.

Setting up meetings without going through the inconvenience of travelling via Microsoft Lync now known as Skype for Business . Isn’t this great news for us all and especially for empaths!

Scheduling all the required tasks with a very familiar interface we have always known --close to excel, without burning a hole in your pocket to own affordable solutions or simply pay as we go via Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365.

Just imagine how much papers we are saving! Deeper than that, the trees we are saving.

We truly owe to the power of the technology in many ways. It is the natural way for us to break the habit of the past such as old patterns and beliefs of how to get things done. Change can’t happen overnight but I urge you to take a moment, breathe, look around you, keep Nature in mind, be closer to Her, go with the flow, take advantage of the advancement of technology to get things done with precision and fast, put into good use to heal the damage we have done to this planet and allow yourself by giving time to connect with your loved ones especially our Universal Mother [Mother Nature.]

Life is not all about money. Chasing behind materials that we know we will not bring to grave. People are not meant to be used. Things and machines are-- but never people.

Just imagine how much papers we are saving! Deeper than that, the trees we are saving.
Why can’t we just join hands to make this world a better place? Help those who are hurting.

Come to think of it, technology naturally gives us that space to make all these possible. Un-naturally is when we refuse to renounce sufferings and become the slaves of the system. Nit-picking is totally unnecessary and uncalled for at this digital age. This system is what we create in our own mind—our old habits. Change is necessary for progress.

We are the same people, older than before and wiser than before.
Lastly let us not forget our foundation and roots. Lots of love and lights~ Umeisha~

Found @ http://8pm.work/blog-1/2016/6/22/naturally-un-natural

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