Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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We are having a powerful Full Moon in Cancer on January 12th at 11:34am Universal Time, four days after Mercury finishes its retrograde. It will also be the first Full Moon of 2017, which is a year of new beginnings.

There are cycles in numerology that consist of nine years, and 2017 is the first year of one of these cycles. This is because we add 2+0+1+7=10, and then we reduce that to a single digit by adding them together, which is 1+0 = 1. 2016, being the last year of the previous cycle, was a 9 year, as 2+0+1+6 = 9

We saw some tough astrological configurations in mutable signs in 2016, while 2017 will have its most significant aspects in Cardinal signs. Mutable signs are associated with transition and adaptability, while Cardinal signs are associated with beginnings and initiation, which correlates well with the numerology.

As mentioned above, during this transition from a 9 year to a 1 year, Mercury has been retrograde. Interestingly, this has occurred over the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn. This is symbolic of new beginnings because this is the location of the zodiac where the Sun is ‘reborn’ at the Solstice and starts to increase in light.

This retrograde lasted from December 19th until January 8th, a period in which we have either needed to make adjustments and/or see things in a new light to help us proceed forward.

Most of it occurred in Capricorn, which is about our goals, careers, and/or how we manage our responsibilities. Sagittarius energy is also in the mix here, which is about our hopes, beliefs, freedom, expansion, travel, and in some cases, higher education, marketing, or teaching.

Full Moon in Cancer in a Cardinal Grand Cross

Whenever there is a Full Moon, we experience a push-pull between two opposing signs. In this case it is the Moon in Cancer in opposition to the Sun in Capricorn. However, Uranus and Jupiter, which are opposite each other, are also in the mix, as they are in a tough Grand Cross with this Full Moon. Pluto is distantly involved with this as well. The effects of the full moon can start up to 2-3 days before and sometimes last until 2-3 days after.

Cancer is about security and our emotional needs. It is a sensitive sign also associated with bonding, caring for others, family, and domestic life. Capricorn, on the other hand, is more about what we are doing in the outside world separate from our personal life.

Jupiter is about expansion, big picture beliefs, and morals, and in Libra these things could be related to partnerships, relationships, equality, justice, and balance. Uranus represents unexpected and sudden changes, breakthroughs, rebellion, freedom, innovation, and separation. It is in the independent and trailblazing sign of Aries.

Pluto’s influence in this configuration may not be very noticeable for some people. However, if it is, it could indicate conflicts with hidden matters (either past or present), or issues with people who have authority or try to exercise power and control over us. Pluto here for some people could mean obsessiveness over one’s goals and ambitions, especially considering all of the other Capricorn energy we are experiencing.

This Full Moon will see a clash between all of these energies, and for some people this configuration can be pretty intense depending on how it is affecting your personal birth chart. Those who have a birthday the week of this Full Moon will feel it more strongly, as will those born July 11th-18th, April 9th-16th, and October 12th-19th.

Chiron Trine This Full Moon, Saturn Also Involved

Chiron (with Mars) in Pisces is in a harmonious aspect with this Full Moon, while also square Saturn. This energy can help us tap into our gifts and is also great for emotional healing. Combined with all of the Cardinal-Uranian energy, this can even be a breakthrough time for some people.

Over the last year Chiron has been a major player in the astrology. For most people, it has generally been an overwhelming time with challenges and/or tasks coming at us from different directions because of all the mutable energy. During this ‘mutable storm,’ our personal blockages may have surfaced more, ultimately pushing us to either move beyond them or develop a new relationship with our wounds for the better.

Now that we are in a new ‘1’ year combined with all of this Cardinal energy, we are being pushed forward in new directions. Transmuting our wounds into strengths, or accessing previously untapped or underutilized strengths can be a great asset during this period of initiation. Saturn in a square aspect with Chiron over the last month is helping us to get real about it.

Things to Consider During This Period

What realizations have you had over the last month and what is the best way to proceed based on what you have learned? What do personal security and emotional well-being mean to you, and what is the best way to achieve them? What new things need to be initiated?

These are some examples of what to reflect on during this period, but there could be other things coming up as well. If you wish to do any sort intention or action to release anything in your life that is getting in your way, you can do so during the three days following the Full Moon (but aim for as close to it as possible). The exact moment of the Full Moon is at 11:34am Universal Time on January 12th. Click here to find out when that is in your time zone.
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