Monday, January 11, 2016

Origins of Fasting

Source: Adept Initiates

When we take a closer look at religions that were created in the last two millennia, we see that all their programs included causing fanaticism in the public and a period of fasting. Most of these religions define a fasting period as a time of devotion and sacrifice of the believer to his God. The reality is that, if fasting is defined as a sacrifice of the believer to his God, all year long would be declared a period of fasting.

We shall not waste our time on the excuses religions invented to give their believers the impression that they were giving them something spiritual. This speculation around facts and the world that existed long before the religious explanations, is not unknown nowadays. Everything is designed to keep the enslaved individual in the depths of the slave ship by giving him every reason to believe that he is better that way. It is up to the individual who wants to free himself or herself and pursue the normal course of his/her destiny, to understand the almost invisible nature of the chains that maintain us in the position of victim and accomplice of the ideological currents that are fighting to control this world.

Fasting was born because of the Gods of the second trinity (WSR-HERU-AISHAT). WSR presented himself to humanity as a God with a human face and fulfilled all the human conditions. As a God, he died, and in the World of the Dead he created an empire: the Kingdom of the Dead which we enter when we die. WSR organized a tribunal that judges us and decides the course of our next reincarnation according to the actions we perform on Earth. As a God, he resurrects for the redemption of the living.

The history of this God who dies to judge the dead and resurrects to redeem the living is, without a doubt, the most popular history of humanity. It is the story of this God of the second trinity and the holy drama of his life that inspired all the Judeo-Christian doctrines, especially the idea that a God could adopt a human appearance, the idea of death and resurrection, the judgment of the dead, and the concept of purgatory and heaven, etc.

According to the cosmogonic presentation of the Holy Drama, the God Wsr died on the 17th of the month of Ateeri, killed by Seth (the father of what we commonly call “Satan” today). On the date of the 24th of the month of Kairika, the body of the God of the Dead was embalmed and three days later, (the 27th) the ten days of fasting start. During these days of fasting, one will not eat, drink, copulate, or smoke from sunrise to sunset, but in the night one is free of restrictions until dawn.

For the individual in search of the true face of existence, these ten days of fasting are our way of accompanying the God in his journey from the world of the living to the world of the dead. Day 29 of Kairika is considered the official day of mourning for the God.

This is the story hidden behind the diverse derivatives of fasting that are talked about in modern religions. Despite the fact that these religions find the idea of a spiritual fasting seducing, they still battle with the difference between a monotheistic concept and the polytheistic world that was there before them and continues today.

It is very important for anyone interested in the origins of our thoughts, as humans of today, to understand that when the Greeks and Romans wanted to introduce new doctrines to the world, they found a world that was already full and without any empty room for new philosophical creations. This didn’t leave any other choice to these young people, thirsty for adventure and willing to influence the destiny of the world, but to try to “reinvent the wheel”. This means that they tried to re-create the world of their dreams from the same basis and the pre-existing elements. 

This is why it is very important, for them to remain relevant, that the whole world return to the state of complete ignorance. The reality is that the world never leaves room for a new imagination. We are not conditioned to wander in space and time without a history solid enough to keep us inside the dimensions of our species. The future cannot be built; it comes as a normal consequence of what we have been in the past. The rest is just confusion introduced on our path. Amadou Hampate Ba, an African wise man, said “If a man trying to run away from his destiny travels incognito, he will find when he gets there that his destiny has preceded him and found a bed for both of them.”

We must recognize that we do more than just the fasting in our pursuit of the destiny of Wsr, the God that dies and resurrects; we follow him through that experience. We also die every night and resurrect at dawn. Sleep is the image of death. Our consciousness sleeps so that it can allow our soul to transcend the two worlds and go close to the God Wsr to educate itself about the conditions of the existence in the World of the Dead. It is the corruption that is introduced by the new doctrine that slows down our awareness of the two worlds, but as the priests of M’TAM say, “The soul recognizes only the path it has taken before.”

By Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, on February 1st, 2013

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