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Part 1:
NumerologyofYearsI have been writing about the energy wave that opened the 13th Gate for a couple of years now.  It was called Wave X.  However, it was not a wave in the energy sense.  It was an influx of energy, but did not recede like a wave does.  In the past, before the arrival of Wave X, which is Azoth (fire water), energy would come in waves,  the frequencies would increase, and then recede. Humanity would get breaks.  The old system was under the closed infinity loop system, so, of course the energy would flow sideways like waves do on the beach.
Now we are in a new system, and it doesn’t operate like the old closed system.  As I have stated in other articles, we are now in the energy of the upward infinity symbol, which is an open system.  No more sideways waves of energy coming in, only upward increases.

  We are no longer dealing with waves at all, it is far more powerful than that.  Not only have we moved to the upward infinity loop energetically but this has occurred within our own bodies.  Our 13th mysterious cranial nerve has been activated, as it is the entrance to the 13th Gate of the Gods.  If we were still in the closed system this would not have occurred, but since the LAST wave came in and did not recede like all the others,  it has lifted us up to the 13th Gate and the 13th nerve.

13th cranial nerve....The 13th cranial nerve is known as the terminal nerve or nerve zero.  From the esoteric and spiritual point of view, this is so correct, as it perfectly describes what occurred with the last “wave” of energy.  The number 0 is a circle which has everything in it.  It is the void of creation, which all there is comes from.  The simple circle is the most powerful sacred geometry symbol for this reason.  The word terminal means ending, finished.  This LAST wave of energy brought in the ending of the old system (and the need for future waves),  and created the new.  When you twist the 0 you have the upward infinity symbol that we are currently under.

When this change occurred, new energy was created.  I wrote about this in a previous article.  I clairvoyantly saw and felt the name, which is Monoaurah.  For a full explanation on this please click here to go to the article.  The M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and it is also the middle letter.  And….we have 26 letters in the alphabet.  2 + 6= 8   which is of course, infinity.  After this change occurred we traveled through the center of infinity to above the plane of reality.  I also, wrote about this in great detail.  But that is a different subject.  Back to 13.

trinity in brain
Trinity in the brain

The official medical communities are mostly in the dark when it comes to the purpose of the 13th nerve.  This is because it was not operating.  Now that it is, those of us that are “tuned” in can learn what the true function is.  I “felt” this 13th nerve was connected to the Thalamus, Pineal, and Pituitary glands.  Which is the Holy Trinity of the brain.  My medical research proved this to be true.  This trinity is our cosmic egg in our brain, and the LAST wave of energy (Azoth), also known as Wave X, fired the triangle.  People have been led on a wild goose chase, trying to find their third eye.  Some were able to locate it and fire up the trinity on their own, but most could not.  The goose has laid the golden egg, and it is open to all of humanity.   All thanks to the 13th gate, the 13th cranial nerve and Wave X (Azoth/fire-water).

Lucifer,_The_Light-BearerOnce the trinity in the head was fired, the amygdala is now fully functional, as it once was in ancient times.  This is such a huge gift!  The amygdala gland is directly connected to Mary Magdalene energy, which is headed by Lucifer, who is female.  The light bringer is Lucifer.  Lucifer is connected to the number 13.  The 13th gate opened the 13th nerve and brought light to the trinity located in our brain.  The true rise of the divine feminine has occurred, as we rose up the 13th gate to the 13th nerve.  And to think we have been programmed in our subconsciousness to believe the number 13 to be unlucky.  WOW!  

Fire-triangleAll three glands that make up the trinity in our brain are connected to our sub-conscious mind.  This is what it means to be Thrice Great, to have all 3 glands working at the same time, completing the circuit.  The 13th nerve which is the terminal nerve, or nerve 0 completes the circuit.

crystal templeTaoists call this location of the brain where the trinity lies the crystal palace, as it provides a way back to Source/God.  Our crystal palace has been light, and is shining in all its glory.  

13 and the turtleThe symbol of the turtle is also connected to the 13th gate.  The turtle is a old symbol for the divine feminine energy.  Interestingly enough a turtle shell has 13 sections on it.  I guess you could say we rode upward along the vertical infinity loop on the back of the sacred turtle.  Our planet earth has been described by ancients as Turtle Island, as it is not flat nor round.  It is the land of the Divine Feminine energy which has risen.  

We can not leave astrology out of this event.  Ophiuchus is the missing 13th sign, it too is obviously connected to the 13th gate and the 13th nerve.  Along with the 13th nerve, Ophiuchus, has been a mystery that most astrologers want to ignore and pretend it is not there.  Well, those days are over.  The 13th sign is fully functional in our charts.  

OphiuchusThe most interesting fact that I love about the 13th sign is that it is the only sign that does not have an opposite.  Taurus is opposite Scorpio, but Ophiuchus stands alone.  Why?  Because the energy of this sign took us up the vertical infinity loop into the space beyond duality.  We are still in duality, yes, but the new space of wholeness and oneness (zero/0) has been activated.  Ophiuchus is the serpent bearer, the holder of our kundalini.  Now that we have total access to this energy; and it has reached our 13th nerve,  our reptile brain that Ophiuchus is connected to, is being re-programmed.  Ophiuchus is the transformer, and through this new healing power our badly damaged subconscious brains are getting a new start and becoming reconnected and “whole” again.

To sum things up…the God Particle is located in the 13th Gate that we have traveled through.  The 13th cranial nerve was activated and the God Particle in our brain is now fully functional.  What is the God Particle in our brain.  The Holy Trinity of course!  The Thalamus, Pineal, and Pituitary. This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine!
I will go further into the Amygdala gland and the amazing things that the full activation of this gland will bring.  The full activation of the Amygdala gland give new meaning to the use of Essential Oils.  
We aren’t in Kansas anymore!  Everything is different.  The wave of change came in and stayed, and it continues to carry us higher through infinity and beyond.  
I would like to discuss the function of the 13th cranial nerve from a spiritual and biological perspective and how it affects our everyday life.  As, I wrote in Part 1, the medical community doesn’t fully understand the function of the 13th cranial nerve.  I feel the reason for this is simple.  It’s because we had not traveled through the 13th energetic gate yet.  Now that we have and this nerve is functioning at a higher level, perhaps science will discover more.

The 13th nerve projects from the nasal cavity and enters the brain just a little bit ahead of other cranial nerves.  This function makes so much sense, due to the fact that the 13th nerve is directly connected to the 13th gate.  The nasal cavities play a huge role in our spiritual lives on the energetic level and in the physical.

pranic channels.jpgWe have 3 channels of light running through our bodies that are connected to our nasal cavities.  They are our Pranic Channels or Root Channels.  These channels join about four inches above the navel.  The two side channels which are each the diameter of a pencil, rise up on either side and in front of the spine and through the brain, curl under the skull at the top of the head, and open at the mouth.  The central channel rises straight up between them, in front of the spine.  It is the diameter of a cane and widens  a little bit from the heart to the crown of the head where it ends.  The white channel (right) is the channel of method and moves negative emotions.  The red (left) moves positive or wisdom energies.  The blue central channel is the channel of non duality.  This channel moves the energy of primordial awareness, which is clear light (rigpa).

trinity in brainEach of the channels is connected to the Holy Trinity in our brain, which is comprised of the Thalamus, Pineal and Pituitary glands.  And since the 13th Cranial nerve is connected to these glands via our Pranic Channels and through our nasal cavities, the implications are huge.  I clairvoyantly feel our Pranic Channels have received a major upgrade since we have passed through the 13th gate.  The red and white channels are connected to the pineal and pituitary and the blue central channel is connected to the Thalamus.  Scientists have detected electrical impulses traveling from the brain through the 13th nerve, also known as nerve zero, but they have yet to discover what these messages are saying.  Tibetan teachers, however, have this knowledge and share it freely.  I touched on this a little bit when I described the function of the 3 channels of light.

templeThe center of the brain contains the gland that is connected to the central channel, which is the Thalamus.  This is the center of our Holy Temple or Crystal Palace.  The crown chakra is the holy altar and the throat chakra is the Nave that runs to the center.  For centuries ancient builders and priests have built Temples and Churches to represent what we already contain within.  And now the fire of Azoth has lit our temple lamps.  

To fully activate our third eye, all 3 glands must be fully functional, and an energetic electrical pulse or link must be connecting them.  One of the reasons Hermes/Thoth was “Thrice Great” is because his 3 glands were connected so he had full use of his active 3rd eye.  Hence… 3 glands = 3rd eye.  We must become 3 times great like Thoth/Hermes.  

thrice great in colorWith the fully functional 13th gate (notice the 3 in 13), it will be much easier for humanity to turn on and operate the 3rd eye.  The third eye is not just connected to the pineal gland, which is why there has been so much confusion surrounding the process of activating it.  All 3 glands operate as one whole unit.  I can visually see my 3rd eye when my eyes are closed.  It is a single eye, (a whole unit) staring back at me.  It looks like a pencil drawing of our physical eye, with very long eyelashes that blink up and down.  I can tell how well it is working by this visual.  Once it is fully activated, it must be maintained.  Nothing is permanent.  

The 3rd eye is also known as the Shaman’s eye, since it is associated with the shamanic use of the hypnagogic trance state.  This is also known as astral or inner sight.  I can tell when I am on the astral I use my astral eyes to see.

The author of the book, “Hypnagogia”; Mavromatis, states, “that the Thalamus is the center of consciousness and is the source of hypnagogic phenomena.”

The-Nine-Purification-BreathsIt is very important that we keep our 3 pranic channels clear.  Two easy ways to do this are by performing the “9 Breaths of Purification” exercise as taught by Tibetan Monks, and by using a Neti pot.  The 9 Breaths of Purification exercise clears the channels of Anger, Attachment, and Ignorance.  Notice that Anger and Attachment both begin with A’s and are connected to the two side channels.  Just like Pituitary and Pineal both begin with P’s are also connected to the side channels.  They are the two bottom points of the Triangle of the Trinity  .  The 9 Breaths clears our precious channels of energetic debris.
Neti pot12 We can use the Neti Pot to irrigate and clean them in the physical.  When learning Yoga,which is the merging of body, mind and spirit, lessons on Neti pot usage is of vital importance to maintain proper balance.

This brings us to another important piece of this puzzle; which is the Amygdala Gland.  This gland is connected to the Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine energy.  Mary Magdalene has been pictured inside a cave which represents the Amygdala Gland inside the skull or brain.  Our skull in our inner cave which we go to for inner refuge, inner insights, and do our inner alchemy.  The Philosopher’s stone is the combination of the 3 glands that make up our 3rd eye.  One can not perform real inner alchemy without the fully functional Philosopher’s stone.

The amygdalae (singular: amygdala/əˈmɪɡdələ/; also corpus amygdaloideumLatin, fromGreek ἀμυγδαλή, amygdalē, ‘almond’, ‘tonsil’[1]) are two almond-shaped groups of nucleilocated deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans.[2] Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing ofmemorydecision-making, and emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.[3]

There is a reason that nature has the Amygdalae created as two almond shaped groups.  One almond group is connected to the Pituitary and one is connected to the Pineal.  Both of these of course are connected to the Thalamus.  This is the physical connection, energetically represented by the 3 channels.  The Amygdalae is the bridge that brings the energy from the 3 into our bodies.

And easier way to “see” this, even though it is not biologically correct is to picture a triangle which represents the Trinity of glands and channels.  Then picture an almondamy gland for blogshaped gland right underneath.  One side of the almond has a line connecting it to the right side and the other side of the almond has a line connecting it to the left.  The center points feeds energy to all points.  The almond then feeds this information to the rest of the body.  The 13th gate and 13th nerve is directly connected to the Trinity.  So the Amygdalae Gland is responsible for distributing the energy from the entire 13th nerve to the rest of our nervous system which affects the entire physical structure.   

MARY_MAGDALENE_-_Magdalene_Bernardo_LuiniThe 13th cranial nerve is connected to the nasal cavities and is connected to smell.  The amygdala gland is fully activated by the use of pure essential oils.  Essential Oils are liquids that are distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots bushes and seeds.  Essential Oils are the closest to human plasma that we have on this Earth.  It is this reason that the oils are able to pass through the blood brain barrier of the brain.  No other substance can do this.   Essential oils go right into the Holy Trinity of our brain.  They contribute to the oil that lights the lamps on our inner temple.  When oils are inhaled they carry neurons via the nose hairs and travel to the brain.  When they are applied to the bottoms of the feet, it only takes about 20 minutes for them to travel up the body and the effects will last a great length of time.  Most importantly, due to the properties of these oils, they do not disrupt the body’s natural balance.  

Using essential oils can speed up the process of fully activating the Trinity in the Brain and is an easy and fun addition to your daily routine.

I have more information on Essential oils on our Website..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON OILS.  I also have two video webinars on essential oils which you can view on our YouTube Channel…  Please click on the following links for parts 1 and 2.  Episode 13 Healing with Oils Part 1 .    I find it amazing that I am writing about the 13th gate, 13th nerve etc….  And the our show on oils was the 13th I uploaded to our channel.   Episode 14 essential oils part 2

clear sky
Now that we have passed through the 13th gate and activated our 13th cranial nerve, it is much easier for us to fully activate the 3 Trinity glands in our upper temple.  With proper breathing techniques and irrigation of our nasal cavities we will speed up the process even more.  And let’s not forget about the use of Essential Oils which supports the last piece of the puzzle…the Amygdala gland, that is connected to the Mary Magdalene energies.

Enjoy your journey,
Lisa Rising Berry

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