Monday, May 9, 2016

The 7 Gifts/Virtues of the Warrior Soul as Received by the Holy Spirit

By: Chris Harman


A Warrior Soul who is in Tune with the Infinite will have no problems making proper Judgement calls in regards to his/her own Life. They have no aversion to Evil but rather, they are dedicated to the Goodness, the Beauty, The Love of Life, and all the Holiness of the Divine. This is an Unwavering Principle to the Warrior Soul.

Courage: Fortitude:

The Warrior Soul who has ventured into the Depths of His own Soul has seen the Darkness and knows all the Gods, all the Devils, are archetypes in the Mind of Man. He Has spent countless hours in meditation and has illuminated all the Darkness of his Ignorance. He/She Realizes that to Live permanently in the Luminosity of the Divine Spheres, we must overcome the Lower Self/Ego. Once freed through Gnosis, The Warrior becomes Realized of His Immortality, and realizes that Fear is a Futile Waste of Life Force.

Supreme Respect for the Power of God:

The Warrior Soul is fully realized of the Omnipotence of God, and knows that no matter how strong he/she may become in Spirit, there is One who reigns Supreme. Upon Realizing this, the Warrior then dedicates his Life to Serving that Power because truly the Throne of All-Glory can be accessed according to our Vibration if we so choose to Align with the Divine. Religions have called this Virtue "Fear of God", but the Warrior has no Fear when Serving the One Source of Life.


The Warrior is Blessed with Right Knowledge as he becomes more in Tune with the Supreme Vibration. This is also called "Revelation."

Piety: "Reverence"

The Warrior Soul fully Understand that his power is not his Own and all Glory belongs to the One who dwells in the Highest Empyreal Regions of Eternity. He Glorifies that One in all things he/she Does. Their Life is a Living Dedication to God. Praise be to the Mighty Kingdom.


The Warrior is Blessed with Understanding and Clarity through the Pure Light of the One. He/She often encounters darkness reflected by passers by in daily life and personal life, because when One lives in Light it draws out the darkness of those around them. They Understand this, and thus are unwavered in their actions, for they know this fact and stay Dedicated to the Supreme Reality. He/She realizes the majority is enamored with the Supreme Illusion, but he still Loves them the Same, for the Law of One states all is Equal.


The Art of applying All-Knowledge to Navigate a Life of Purity directed by the One who dwells Within. Wisdom is the ability to Think without thinking, and do without doing. He who has attained wisdom has attained the Opus of this Incarnation and is preparing for his Next Incarnation in Higher Spheres of Existence.

Source: Esoteric Emypre

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