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Matt Damon broke out into the mainstream world in a big way by writing and starring in the film Good Will Hunting, which happened to take home an Oscar for best original screenplay in 1998.

Since then, he has been one of Hollywood’s biggest and most recognizable faces, starring in The Bourne series, The Ocean’s series, and many more —including the 2015 best picture nominee The Martian.

But Matt Damon is a lot more than a talented actor; when it comes to intellect, he sits well above the Hollywood standard.

On June 3rd, Matt Damon decided to revisit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) — the backdrop of the aforementioned Good Will Hunting — to speak to graduates in a commencement address. Rather than simply leaving the graduates with the usual ‘inspiring’ platitudes, Matt delved into other important subjects he has come to know much about.

From Donald Trump and the world’s big banks to the mainstream media, Matt exposed them all in this thought-provoking speech:

(Those interested in viewing the entire 23 minute speech can click HERE.)
This isn’t the first time that Matt has been so candid. In 2013, we shared a video in which he recited a speech originally delivered by Howard Zinn in 1970 identifying how, contrary to popular belief, many of the world’s problems can be traced to civil obedience rather disobedience.

In 2014, Matt appeared on a segment for HuffPost Live where he shared the story of the thirteen year old girl who changed his life, and how the inaccessibility of basic necessities needs to end now.

Given his stature, both of these public appearances stirred up quite the buzz, and I’m sure that this commencement address is bound to do the same.

I was not surprised to see Matt use this opportunity to touch upon the financial system in particular. In addition to his previously exemplified intellect, he also narrated the documentary Inside Job, which to most of us at CE is still one of the most essential informative films ever made.

The documentary exposes what really brought upon the US financial meltdown, including who is truly responsible and what we as a collective can do about it.

Given how much of an influence they have, I always appreciate celebrities that take the time to publicly speak on subjects they are passionate about rather than simply sticking to questions related to artistic work. Jim Carrey, Russell Brand, and Mark Ruffalo are among the many that have made a concerted effort to expose the truth behind topics such as vaccinations, the world’s elite, and GMOs.

What are your thoughts on this commencement speech? Let us know via the comment section below!

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