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Like most 25 year olds, I chose to ignore the signs produced by alcohol- long after the hangover. I tried to dismiss it as a “one time thing” or, “maybe I still feel this way from Friday because I didn’t eat that night” but in reality, my body was begging for attention.

I have a love/hate relationship with alcohol. Kind of like our first experiences with green juice- hate the taste but love how it makes us feel. Except, the more green juice you have the better you will feel long term while the more alcohol… the opposite effect happens.
I have now entered that stage where a night out of drinking costs me my whole weekend, and sometimes, even well into the week. Not so much ‘physically’ am I affected, but more so emotionally. I can’t focus, I am uninspired, not motivated, or even care to try.

This is alarming to me because since I am entering that ‘stage’ of drinking I am also entering a new phase in my life where my career is being brought to the forefront. These two worlds clashed this past weekend where one night out totally depleted my enthusiasm for a big meeting I had the coming Monday. I actually thought that maybe I could reschedule which is ludicrous thinking considering how amped I was just a few days prior prepping with notes and ideas! What was going on with me?

I’ve quickly learned that I have a choice to make and drinking was no longer an option, especially if my career had anything to say about it.

Following that meeting I decided to take a day to myself to rest. I started my day off with a smoothie, followed by a 10 minute yoga session and I saged my body and home. This simple routine brought me enough energy and clarity to further confirm with my soul self that sacrifices have to be made and that my health shouldn’t be one of them.

There is a reason our body’s are absolutely drained after drinking, it’s practically poison and thus alters our state physically and mentally. But have you ever learned what it does to our body’s energetically?

Alcohol Disrupts The Harmony Between The Chakras And Meridians

The more you are aware of the effects alcohol has on your physical self, the more your consciousness makes this a reality for you. Because of this imbalance, you may notice stronger headaches, aches and pains and a general low energy. This can also trickle into your mental state bringing up negative thoughts, behaviour and swinging moods.

The Aura Is Vulnerable To Negative Energy

Auras are sensitive depending on our emotional state. When you drink, it is more difficult for your intuitive self to guide you which can leave you open to the energies of other people and other beings. When your inhibitions are lowered from alcohol your allowing your energetic body to be influenced and places like bars and clubs don’t particularly carry high vibrations or vibrational beings.

Alcohol Blocks The Meridians

Meridians are like canals for energy or qi to flow through. They are connected to our body parts and organs, and are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture. Blocking these paths will cause damage to the functioning of these organs.

Here’s How You Can Cleanse Your Energy…

Food & Drink

Eat as much live food as possible like fruits and vegetables. Have warm lemon water first thing in the morning and then continue to hydrate yourself throughout the day with water or coconut water.

Ground Yourself

Go for a walk outside or sit in the sun. The vitamin D from the sun will help bring you more energy and the walk will familiarize your energy with the earth. You can also practice breathing exercises which are another great way to promote connection with your physical and emotional body.
Because your energy was mixed with many people you do not know it’s important that you sage yourself and your bed the next day. You can also ask your friend or partner to brush your aura with their hands or crystals.
Toss your clothes from the night before in the wash to completely rid yourself from the night before. Then, draw yourself a warm bath, adding up to one pound each of sea salt and baking soda. Soak for 20 minutes. You can expect to feel very drained of energy so take this time to rest up further, or lay outside on the grass.

Moving Forward

If you for whatever reason are feeling a sense of guilt (alcohol can produce those feelings) then take the time to write out all your fears and insecurities. This can help to alleviate your mind from the endless chatter but hopefully the exercises above have helped ease your being. You can also create for yourself some positive affirmations which can help remind you of better times when you were feeling your best.
It can be extremely difficult to kick the habit especially if drinking is a common occurrence with your friends and family. You can still have fun going out with them but maybe now you won’t always indulge so much. Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. After all, we’re here to learn and what better way to learn than to make a few ‘mistakes!’

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