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We are having Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Aquarius on August 18th (9:26am Universal Time). This one is a penumbral lunar eclipse which is when the Moon is just outside of the Earth’s shadow (umbra). Penumbral eclipses cause either a very subtle dimming or are not visually perceivable at all depending on how close it is to the shadow/umbra. This particular one is barely considered an eclipse and will not be visually noticeable anywhere in the world.

This is the beginning of eclipse season which is a time where certain areas of our lives go through a change, endings and/or new beginnings, depending how the eclipses are affecting each individual. These changes may start to occur in the 6-8 weeks leading up and also during the 3-6 months following.

We will have another Penumbral eclipse, in Pisces, on September 16th/17th which will be more noticeable then this one. We will also have Solar Eclipse in Virgo coming up on September 1st which will be the most potent of all of them. If you’d like to learn more about those ones, stay tuned for my upcoming articles. (Join my mailing list here to ensure you receive them)

Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius Opposite Sun In Leo

This is the first of a series of eclipses in the Aquarius-Leo axis over the next few years. Like a regular Full Moon, this is a time where we feel a bit torn between both polarities, and need to learn to integrate them.

Although this eclipse is happening in Aquarius, the North Node is closer to the Leo polarity and will move into that sign in May 2017. This emphasizes the need for us to integrate Leo energies more so over these coming years.

Aquarius is about friends, groups, and the collective. It is the sign of teamwork as well as working together toward a common cause. Aquarius is associated with the progression of knowledge with the future in mind, and it is the astrological realm of science and technology.
Leo is about the individual self-expression coming from the heart. It is a fun energy associated with creating, performing, playing, and loving. Shining in what we enjoy doing, whatever that may be, is what this sign calls for.

One of the challenges between these two signs is that Aquarius energy is ‘group oriented’ while Leo is ‘self oriented’. When we think too much about ourselves in an egocentric way this can be at the expense of ‘group harmony’. At the same time if we are too ‘group oriented’ and emphasize intellect too much, we can lose touch with our heart, how we shine best, and what is enjoyable for us as individuals and everyone around us.

Uranus In Aspect With This Eclipse, Mercury Going Retrograde

Uranus, a modern sub-ruler of Aquarius, will be in an harmonious aspect with this eclipse. It can bring breakthroughs and innovation which may facilitate an advancement of some sort. Uranus can be exciting, unpredictable, and rebellious; for some people it can bring on some sort of liberation or freedom from a situation that has been suppressing.

Mercury is going retrograde in Virgo from August 30th until September 22nd, starting just before the Solar Eclipse in the same sign. Although it hasn’t officially started yet, certain developments and/or circumstances that occur from August 10th until the 30th will play a role in what changes and/or adjustments we need to make during September and Early october.

Every since late summer last year, the Virgo themes have kicked into high gear due to Jupiter, the North Node, and the first of two Solar Eclipses in that sign. The need to be more efficient, organized, healthy, and adaptable, has been very strongly highlighted since then. Depending on how we have worked with this energy, this upcoming Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity for us to recalibrate our minds to be able to more easily handle the challenges that have been thrown at us.

Saturn Now Moving Forward With Mars Applying Conjunction

Saturn started moving forward on August 13th after being retrograde since late March. This is the planet of responsibility, work, discipline, and commitment. In combination with the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Virgo, we may find ourselves in a situation where we are proceeding in new ways in regards to our work and responsibilities. As mentioned above, the upcoming Mercury retrograde can give us a chance to get us into the right frame of mind to fulfill any new commitments.

During the week following the eclipse, Mars is finally approaching Saturn after coming close in mid-April before it went retrograde until June 29th. Mars and Saturn together can help us with any sort of focused effort of assertion especially in Sagittarian realms which include; education, publishing, teaching, travelling, marketing, foreign countries/cultures, and sharing wisdom and perspective. Neptune in a square to this aspect can be helpful for spiritual endeavours and for being compassionate, but can also manifest as confusing challenges and/or any sort of escapism or withdrawal which could inhibit our efforts.

Sagittarius also represents cultural and national differences. Considering that Saturn and Mars will be joining there this week, it is likely we will see more news related to defending national borders but perhaps will have more of an aggressive tone due to Mars.

Things To Consider During This Period

How can you best be in harmony with friends or groups without sacrificing the way you shine in your authentic self-expression and by fulfilling your heart’s desire? What changes do you need to make in how you interact with groups, friends, and/or associates? How can you best be of service any collective needs? These are some examples of what to be thinking about during this period.

Consider what has occurred in the previous week to help determine what is the best course of action going forward.  Be open to any breakthroughs and perhaps even a sudden positive change of circumstance in the near future.

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