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Changing the World Starts Within YOU, from Your Happiness

Source: Global Harmony Crew

A lot of people want change in their lives, or even to change the world. We place the responsibility of how things are on governments, destiny, luck, other people, society, our looks and our genes. Everything is interconnected, so it is possible to take full responsibility for everything that happens to you – preferably without blaming yourself, but with love, acceptance and forgiveness. This is still radical news for the majority of people, but the shift is here so keep reading for more clarity.

The only way to change the outside world is by changing the inner world, by changing the self. Not just because you change your perception, but also­­ – on a fundamental level – if you change the energy frequency of your own consciousness, the external frequencies that are interconnected with that and are constantly relating with all that is, also change.
Your inner world and your outer world are intertwined. They are both united as part of our non-dual reality, and when we start focusing on managing our life from within, dominating our frequency instead of our circumstances, it is easier to see the beautiful way in which everything is connected. Trying to dominate the external world is like trying to pull out weeds of an enormous garden; as soon as you get rid of one, two new seem pop up.Screen-Shot-2015-06-26-at-8_15_20-PM-528x512
Change starts from within.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Gandhi was right. If you want the people of the world to be happy, be happy yourself and take it from there.

The Happiness Illusion

The reason we pursue external things like health and wealth is because we presume that they result in happiness. To some extent this is true, however, happiness can be experienced directly and on this level it is relatively independent of health and wealth. Health and wealth can serve as permission slips for you to allow yourself to feel happy. If you choose to allow happiness by starting internally, you will see a change externally.

Happiness is fragile for most of us. It can be interrupted by chance remarks, missing a bus, computer trouble and what not. Don’t form excessive attachments to the outside world. Have a strong relationship with your inner world, the infinite consciousness within you that is connected to all phenomena. The external stimuli are not what governs you. The physical body, the mechanical world and the senses are what we have learned is true since birth. “I am this body, you are that body, separate from me.” The realm of basic emotions, our basic fears, our basic impulses, jealousy, greed, selfishness, desire; These are seen as necessities for our survival. But our inner reality, the eternal consciousness that is there before and after the appearance and disappearance of any of these stimulants – that is what we truly are and what we should associate with. All appearances are made out of the same energy. Nothing in existence exists apart from this “Presence-Energy” and the uniqueness of every appearance exists in union with the oneness of it. The stronger our connection to this, the greater the chance of inner revolution and therefore outer.MeditationAlexGrey

If we base our happiness on circumstances it will be fragile. A minor event can ruin our entire day if we let it. Always practice letting go of resistance and the need to control circumstances. Take command over your inner garden instead – your inner world where there are no limits except those you create yourself. Tend to it with great care and your whole life will change. Like magic you will start to see your circumstances align with how you feel inside, paradoxically, at the moment when you let go of the need to control the outer world.

If we place our happiness in the hands of external appearances, we are bound to suffer. Such misplaced happiness is the definition of attachment. We become aware of our attachments when we think of losing something we desire because we associate our good feelings with the presence of certain external stimuli, and our bad feelings with the lack of these.
The concept is simple enough.

In order to free yourself from an attachment to, say, a person, you must show yourself that the happiness always have come from your own heart, and that the person simply functioned as a permission slip allowing you to channel that happiness into your being upon seeing the person.

From Judgment to Love and Wisdom

We all judge to some degree, almost all of the time. We make mental images of people–including ourselves–and project certain qualities onto them. If we judge and have negative thoughts we feel a separation, an inner aloneness that gives birth to a need to be complete. We seek out partners to fill holes within instead of realizing that there are no holes. We react with fear, anger and jealousy when the person does not match our mental image. Our expectations of what the relationship would give us is threatened. We have given away our own power over and responsibility for our own happiness to something external to our deepest self, a mental construct projected onto another being or a relationship. Of course reality can never match the image and this leads to inner conflict and suffering. All of this goes for relationships with others, but also with the image of Self.

The judgment relates closely to the sense of separation.10841969_10152918820518698_2537612000337852319_o

When we are born as humans into this world we learn to identify with the body – we can feel its pains and control it. Our main center of focus seems to reside in the body. This leads us to a condition of separation. If everything, except for the body, is seen as not you, then everything forms a threat to your existence.

Some of the highest states of spiritual understanding are wisdom and love. In a condition of pure wisdom nothing is seen as you, and therefore nothing poses a threat to your existence. In a condition of pure love everything is seen as you, thus you don’t feel a threat because you know that everything is fundamentally you.

In other words, we can say that separation leads to contraction, wisdom leads to nothingness and love leads to expansion.

The beauty is that we have the choice to integrate all of these perspectives into our reality. We have the choice, as human beings, to label what we encounter in every moment as either separate from ourselves or more of ourselves. Separate from yourself, or more of your Self.

“You Are Born Alone and You Die Alone”

This is a statement I have heard used in many different contexts. At first glance it sounds pretty depressing to most people. Loneliness sounds scary.

On a deeper level it’s true that we are born alone and die alone; We only meet others through our own perception, which is our interpretation of the stimuli our brain receives. We meet a mirror image of ourselves.Higher-Self6
Is it possible to put aside all images? I say yes. When freed from the reflections of our own conditioned beliefs and judgments, we dip in the ocean of oneness and see that at these depths, beyond images and mental constructs, we are all one. Alone. All in One – or just One.

People who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) report feeling an immense connection to everything as well as unconditional love, acceptance and total serenity. Their reports do not match our collective interpretation of the word “loneliness” at all. These people report the dissolution of all mentally constructed barriers and the return to Unity, being truly Alone.

So do not be afraid. Find comfort in yourself and your aloneness, your all in one-ness, total completion and love. Fear is an illusion, and has been said to be the opposite of love.

False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)

We are tricked again and again by the fear of not being complete, the fear of lack. Know intellectually that lack cannot exist in infinite creation. Feel experientially that there is no lack by tapping into your source, the consciousness and love that resides in all appearances. Everything is already and always complete. Nothing is missing. Everything is in its right place to the utmost perfection.

The belief in false evidence appearing real – fear – leads to suffering. Fear leads to anger, hate, inner chaos, emotional upset and judgment. Also, the need to conserve and protect the false self, the mentally constructed ego that sees separation as real. It envies. It compares.

Comparison ultimately leads to self-condemnation which can be projected on the world in the form of hate and war, blaming others and not taking responsibility. Be honest with yourself. If you think you are running from or hiding from something, do some honest investigation and self-inquiry. Spend time alone with who you are. Know that everything in this moment is already accepted and take action if you want change. Don’t hate the system if you feel that your work is a meaningless ritual. Don’t hate the the government because of the inequalities in the world. Work on your inner world, with love, and trust that the outer world will follow.

Perception is reality. If you choose to perceive the fear as real, it will be your reality.

The solution?

Let go. Choose points of view that resonate with you, points of view that feel good, but see and understand as many points of view as you are capable of. Let go of any unhealthy attachments to money, drugs, sex and alcohol so that these things do not become governors of your life.

You cannot help the world from a place of biased perception. Let go of the bias – your own opinion – and tap into a higher state of loving service by seeing all the points of view that are available in any given scenario. The more points of view you can see, understand and accept, the more balanced and refined your love and wisdom are and the more pure and true your service to the world will be.66b3e581deb27bdba7fb423dbe799df8

He who spends his time pursuing joy in the spirit of love will fill himself with a light so bright that other people cannot help but notice. The outer realm will follow the inner, manifesting more loving and joyful people everywhere by ignition of their own inner lights.

Revolution Starts From Your Core Self

Before you try to change other people’s actions, take a look within yourself, at your reaction to those actions. Focus on resolving all inner conflict and revolutionizing the inner realm, not caring about the outer realm for a moment, and you will be of service in the purest and most effective way.

Lead by example. If you’re not happy, you’re not helping. Who wants to listen to someone who is angry and unhappy with the way things are? More angry people. Ripples of anger spread. Wouldn’t you rather listen to someone who radiates with pure bliss and remains non-reactive to whatever challenges, problems or ideas and illustrations of a broken society that is thrown at them? Wouldn’t you want to be more like that yourself instead of being like the grumpy and unhappy person? Most people would, which is one of the many reasons why being happy is the precursor to being of effective service to the world – ripples of loving joy and happiness spread.

A more fundamental reason , however, can be seen if we think in terms of the energy, vibrating at a certain frequency, that everything consists of. Even modern physics points to that there is an underlying field of intelligence – consciousness – that is everywhere. String theory claims that tiny vibrating strings are the building blocks of the universe. Everything is interconnected, and everything is energy. The more we understand this, the more we see that we should focus on feeling good from the inside out. This is not being passive, something that can be hard to see at first if you believe that you NEED to fight the government, sign every petition and keep yourself updated on everything that is going on in the world, even if it tires you and lowers your mood.spiritual-awakening These things can be world-changing, but you still need to monitor yourself. Are you happy? Are you a reflection of what you are fighting? Do you bring with you the same hate that you feel you are fighting? Is hate the way to conquer hate? Should you fight fire with fire? Raising your frequency to one of pure joy and love is not passive at all, but quite the opposite. If that is where you come from you will be clear on how to be of service to everyone in the best possible way, without forgetting yourself.

This is not to say that you should use this as an excuse not to take action and just “do what you want”, or perhaps basically “do nothing”. Being passive can take on many forms, just like taking responsibility can. Act on what excites you, knowing that you are capable and worthy of more than you could ever dream of. True passiveness most often comes from fear or a lack of confidence, a lack of feeling that you are enough or worthy. Work on your inner self until you truly know and feel that you are worthy. In fact, you already and always have been and will be worthy of more than you can imagine, and so there really is no need for inner work either, if not only to remove your own barriers against tapping into the feeling of this.

Action and service from high states of love and wisdom can take any form, so you can still sign petitions and speak up for new ideas in politics if that is what makes you tick. Doing such actions within the frequency of love and service – and fearless bliss – will be extremely more powerful than coming from a place of despair or distrust.

There are too many circumstances and events going on in your external life to be able to keep track of. By instead focusing, first and foremost, on taking control over your internal life and feeling great there, the external will follow effortlessly. It will unfold in magical ways, inviting you to take action on the right things and you will flow with ease, in alignment. You will flow towards what you desire, but it also really won’t matter to you, which will only attract it even more efficiently. You have no attachment to the outcome. You just do, in the now, coming from a place of love and joy, not placing your happiness outside of your own responsibility.
Fearlessly following your joy and excitement is the most activist thing you will ever do! Bring change by being happy!

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