Saturday, September 26, 2015


Published by H.M Irene Iliades

Humbled, We come before you in service as instruments of planetary peace and transformation. 

We accept with gratitude to be the vessel and conduit for the task of the return of The Nusantara Inheritance, the Project of The Universe and NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH

We accept with gratitude the task to cleanse, repurpose, transmute and conceive our energies in alignment with our mission. We accept to act as witness for our mothers, fathers, our brothers and sisters, for all creeds, colours and corners of the universe in our calling for healing, peace and the upliftment of all peoples. 

And further; as witnesses for our ancestors and for those who are still to come. With hearts of victorious gratitude, we call forth the most potent divine support in our mission from the masters of love and wisdom, the spirit of the earth and the elemental kingdom. We offer this freely, willingly and are honoured for the opportunity to do so. 

We humbly accept the mission of NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH, Royal of Ratu Adil, Kingdom of Linggacala Australia, Treasury of the World, patents and license agreements, all International Treaties, the distribution of payments 1-11 and the roles, duties and responsibility of our endeavours. 

We invite and seek the guidance and blessing of our Heavenly and Earthly Kings and Queens, so that we can forge a path of abundance, prosperity and planetary peace for all of Gods Kingdoms. 

Our will, be done.

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