Sunday, December 6, 2015

Love for Earth, Alternative Media

WIth the power of Alternative Media, togeather we can change the view on everything.

Hello, my name is Aaron Meileiac.  I am a International Networker/Blogger/Editor of MDT who believes in working together to build a brighter tomorrow.  
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The purpose of this campaign is to keep pouring out wonderful inspiration and truth out to all peoples of Earth.  Right now there is a battle going on.  It is not one of physical nature, yet it is one of vital importance.  

The scenario that is undergoing right now is a battle for the mind.  Mainstream media has high jacked our reality feeding us with fear, anxiety, big pharma, war, terrorism and the list pretty much goes on in this direction.

At this current time there are thousands of people just like me running Alternative networks trying get the things out that they "Government" don't want you to see.  Things such as hidden ancient history.  The real reasons behind war machines and the people who are running them.  Truth about vaccines and the harm they cause.  Why holistic doctors are coming up missing.  There are many things in this world that don't quite seem to add up.

However, I am here to tell you from first hand experience that there is no such thing as a missing link.  no coincidences.  There is only lack of dedication when searching for what is really happening all around us.

The request at hand for funds is this.  My network can no longer sustain itself of its own funding.  Everything in the past 1.5 years that could be used to help has been used to help.  May I add quite greatly to this extent.  In just a humble 1.5 years our network run by me has reached 164 countrys around the world with Alternative Media.
A little bit about me.  My first breath was taken in 1987 in a place called Fort Worth, Texas.  Upon growing up in a rough and harsh upbringing through my single digit and teenage years my father brought me to a small little town not even 3000 in size in North West Arkansas.  It was there I finished up public school and joined the armed forces.   Being the young man I was at that time I believed that the cause we fought for was to ensure a safe a humble future for us.  Little did I know that it was only a war machine that my energy was empowering. 

After years of service I found myself in a place in northwest Arkansas running a small Handyman Service for Realtor's.  Three years into business I realized that this was not it.  This is not the reason a human is born only to make decent money and wait to die.  With nothing but trauma and pain with a lot of fear being fed to us on the TV and internet I came to a decision.  The real reason we are born it to forge the bonds that create friendship and family.  That is when it all began July 28 2013. The day that I picked up pen and paper and set out on a amazing journey to reach people all over Earth.

If or if not the funding project is a success and my network and team keep going.  MDT "ManifestDestinyTriforce" will continue to put out good news, love and a humble respect for all humanity till its last moment.  I am sincerely grateful for who ever is reading this right now in a thing we call the "present".  This is why it is called a gift. Remember that suppresion is only achived when the ones subject to it cohere with it.  That you so much for taking the time to read this and hope you consider making a pledge to our cause. 

Aaron Meileiac - Founder, Writer, Researcher of MDT
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