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New Free Energy Device On The Market - "Steorn's Orbo Power Cell Products"

Free energy or over-unity devices have long been dismissed as pseudo-science by the priesthood of technology, which dictates what the truth is to the masses. But if even one invention is capable of producing more energy than it draws, it is a proof of concept and demonstrates the incompetence of the establishment. 

For the seasoned researcher, the realities of over-unity are well established. Nikola Tesla is probably the most well-known pioneer of free energy technology. 

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The following article discusses an over-unity device that is presently on the market and expects to ship its first units in the early months of 2016. It costs about $1200, and can only charge low-powered electronic devices, but it is a proof of concept nonetheless. According to thermodynamic 'laws' in physics, this device shouldn't work, but it does. 

Despite academia steadfast adherence to dogma related to over-unity devices, a child can clearly see that viewpoint is wrong and the truth is free energy is a reality, which you can prove to yourself if you have the money. 

So the next time someone says: "Free Energy is pseudo-science" send them a link to this device and ask, "well what's this then?"

- Justin

Source - Ascension With Mother Earth

Steorn's Orbo power cell products available for sale


The components inside are 1) standard phone electronics, 2) two Orbo power cells, plus 3) a lithium ion battery to store the energy coming from the Orbo power cells.
The Orbo power cell pulls energy from the environment, so it's a small solid state power station that never has to be recharged or plugged in. Two products now available for pre-order are the OPhone and the OCube tablet and phone charger. By Summer, they'll have an e-cigarette and computer controller that never have to be plugged in.
by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems NewsAfter 15 years of percolating, the Irish company, Steorn has finally arrived in the market with an exotic free energy product.

This is the beginning of the fulfillment of a dream the CEO, Shaun McCarthy shared with me when I visited them Sept. 29, 2012 in Dublin. He said that after they finished the electric hot water heater (has anyone found where that's percolating?), his next project to tackle was to be able to provide power for a cell phone.

OCube is capable of 2.1-amp output, so it can charge tablets and smartphones at the rate of 1 tablet per day or 2-3 smart phones per day. It is currently in production and will be shipping within the next 6 weeks.

The price of the OCube is €1,200 Euros plus shipping. While definitely on the pricey side, it would make sense for someone who needs to stay charged up who spends a lot of time away from the grid. Another market will be people who like to be on the front end of technology. This would make a great conversation piece on the top of a business desk.

Another product available for pre-order is the OPhone, which will need no cord to recharge it because the power is provided on-board, pulling from the wheelwork of nature. It basically combines the OCube within a phone. It is expected to be shipped within the first two months of 2016.

It goes for €480 Euros plus shipping.
On December 1, Shaun posted the following at Facebook:
Tomorrow, fifteen years after starting our little company Steorn, we finally launch our first two Orbo based products. It's been a journey for sure, we have had the shit kicked out of us on the road, but we always kept going, we always tried to have fun, and we have always tried to do the right thing.

Fifteen years is a long time, but it's only the start. I have heard many people compare Orbo to the Model T, it’s a technology at the very start of its journey into people's lives. I believe that Orbo as it exists today is not near the Model T in terms of what it is capable of, its Christiann Huygens first combustion engine. Many people will find our first products to be too expensive and too low in function. Hey, don't buy them, they are not for you, but they will be!

I will not even attempt to thank everyone who has helped us on this long and interesting journey, it's in the many of hundreds if not thousands. The next part of the road will be fun, but not without its potholes and turns, and we are looking forward to it, we love a good fight!

Coming Soon

Two additional products in the pipeline are an e-cigarette that never has to be recharged, which should be available by Summer, 2016 (; and a game controller that doesn't have to be recharged, which they expect to be available before Summer, 2016.


For questions and orders, send an email to Be sure to mention you were referred by PES, so if they open up a referral/affiliate program we can get a commission to help finance our operation, to keep bringing you information about the latest, greatest developments in the world of exotic free energy.

The domain presently forwards to  There isn't a "purchase" button or dedicated product page for either of these products, that I can find.

Even though these product are definitely on the pricey side, I've moved them to #1 spot in the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, because they are exotic and are less than 6 weeks from shipping.


Here are two recent videos Steorn has posted, along with a link to the Facebook page where they are found, along with comments.

This first video, posted yesterday, already has over 35,000 views. It is a quick teaser video, like what you might see on a TV advertisement. 

order your #ocube now
Posted by Orbo on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This next video, Shaun gives an overview of the four products: the OCube, the OPhone, the e-cigarette and game controller. It includes some oscilloscope shots of the Orbo power cell technology. It's had over 23,000 views. 

Orbo Webinar 2
Posted by Orbo on Wednesday, December 2, 2015



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