Monday, February 15, 2016

Planet X – The Secret Meaning to Freemasonry

  • NASA montage shows Neptune a similar size to newly discovered Planet X
  • By Leland Judsyn

News of the discovery of a tenth planet in the distant reaches of our solar system has recently gone mainstream. For decades there have been rumors of this possibility but not until now do we have some real proof.  This distant planet was first discussed in great detail by the late great Zecharia Sitchin in his translations of ancient Sumerian tablets. Next Initiates will see there is also a ancient link to the Freemasons and Planet X that involves the Magi connections.
If we follow the Sitchin accounts this would have to be a very large planet with a extended orbit returning near Earth every 3600 years. But this new evidence presented suggests a similar but slightly different picture.

(Simulated Orbit of Planet X)
Two planetary scientist named Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology or Caltech in Pasadena have created a new working orbit simulation on a computer. They suggest the size of Planet X is actually nearly as big as Neptune. Making it almost sixty times bigger than the Earth. Shockingly the orbit of this theory would place it at 15,000 years. So the size of the planet would be a close match to the translations but the orbit Sitchin calculated was off by over 10,000 years.
Early on Sitchin began to associate the common Winged Disk Symbol as the sign for Planet X. But very interesting point came up in his last book called The End of Day’s on page 180. He discusses how the wing disk symbol during the very early times of Sumer and Assyria was actually representing God to the people using it. It was often depicted above the sacred tree and flanked by Anunnaki.
Plus it is not just Sitchin that has made this discovery but it is apparent that the Freemasons have as well. Author of Morals and Dogma and former leader of Freemasons Albert Pike wrote that Ahura Mazda is the secret meaning to Freemasonry. Then when you take that same symbol for Ahura Mazda and overlap on top of the Ancient Anunnaki tablets it’s a match. Maybe the winged disk symbol used in Egypt may have originated with this secret meaning. But it may have later been substituted with different objects inside by new Pharaohs looking to leave there mark in the history books.
So essentially what Zecharia Sitchin found in the end was the winged disk is very likely the symbol for God of the Anunnaki and Planet X.  Since we now know it’s also the secret meaning to Freemasonry it should be an essential clue to what civilization is living on the surface of this newly discovered planet. Since the winged disk is also the core symbol for God in the Ancient Magi traditions we can even guess what is still going on there.
One question is how will people react to the possibility of the Anunnaki still using Magi UFO’s when they return from planet X ? Will the nations of Earth be willing to adapt this Ancient Occult style one world religion into there culture to match them when they return ? Or will they even give us a choice ? Only time will tell.
Interestingly now that we have a 15,000 year date for an orbit near the Earth we can look back at the records and see if there was anything that could match.  It we found that a large extinction level event happened 14,900 years ago then we may be even closer to its return then first predicted.
What makes this case so interesting for Adept Initiates is that the new orbit calculated for planet X will make detection much easier. The new Subaru telescope in Hawaii is in position where it could detect it very soon given the new approximations. So it may now only be a matter of days until we find out if Nibiru Planet X is the home world of the Anunnaki and did they fix there atmosphere with the gold as Sitchin suggested. Or maybe instead we will find a planet covered in ancient ruins…

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