Thursday, February 25, 2016

The torment of our language

by Aaron L Meileiac

Anybody else about tired of the word's ending in "ment"? Document, Government, Cement, Agreement, Shipment the list goes on.

A few hundred years ago people introduced around 900 new words into language. All ending with "ment". Later they introduced a few hundred more ending with "ship". At times the english language seems as a corrupted computer code. I can see where that has been as a embedded mind virus among many. Including myself at times. 

I referenced blacks dictionary's, that led to a visit to cannon dictionary.
I reviewed a few of the cannon and talmudic understandings. A few hrs into review, the
dates and individuals associated with these acts or practices became very clear. Before I continued on with this research I also made sure to understand the Etymology view of "ment" in this " Predicament".

As we continue to refine base understandings into a finished product as with language it appears we only seem to become farther from our original understanding of what the reasons were we created words for.

It is also interesting to find the word abracadabra is suggested to mean "to create as I speak".  So as we use words in our everyday life both spoken and written it turns into a agreement in which we may understand between each other.

However the meaning of words when on paper or parchment takes another turn.  

This is where we become subject and not creator as such of the curse in our cursive.  The sentence of our sentences. The spell of our spelling. 

Without the human embrace of feelings when words are used they can be misunderstood which is what turns words into swords.  So which is it we may ask at times, the spoken word or the written word that means the most? One thing is very clear though, the more words we add to our language the farther our perception of understanding source becomes.  

All written things have to be thought of then written into existence as a reminder so we may not forget.  When we turn this fundamental around in retrospective our words which are subject to change try to create our reality without us being present. This may very well be why our imagination tends to leave us as we grow into adults. That may very well be where the "torment" begins.

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